Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’ to release Netflix trailer next week
(Credit: Netflix)

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Mike Flanagan's 'Midnight Mass' to release Netflix trailer next week

Horror aficionados lost their minds last month when Mike Flanagan released the sneak-peek into his upcoming Netflix horror series Midnight Mass, set to arrive on September 24th. 

The premise for the programme looks creepy and unsettling while also promising to be an unnerving adventure in store for the audience. Flanagan has unveiled the poster for the film and has promised a trailer to be released a week later, days before the series hits the streamer. 

The teaser trailer contains a flurry of haunting imagery and harrowing music. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks even scarier than its predecessors, which both helped establish Flanagan as one of the greatest creators in the genre. 

Interestingly, the upcoming project is based in a small island community called Crockett Island plagued by bizarre events that are definitely not the work of divine intervention. Unlike Flanagan’s other works, this is an original work and not based on a pre-written novel. Additionally, it is deeply personal for the filmmaker.

This seven-episode limited series stars his wife Kate Siegel alongside Henry Thomas, Rahil Kohli, Annabeth Gish, Alex Essoe, Hamish Linklater, Zach Gilford, Matt Biedel and more. 

The show will mainly dabble with faith as it delves deeper into the unexplained mysteries behind miracles. We will, however, miss one of his most frequent collaborators Carla Gugino. While people are already anticipating and wishing for a third part of The Haunting anthology, Gugino shared her thoughts regarding the same. 

“Whether he [Flanagan] is done or not done [with The Haunting anthology], I don’t know, but I think no matter what, if there wasn’t a third one, it would be because he thinks whatever is next is better. And if he can make that one great, then that’ll be the thing.” 

The film will arrive on Netflix on September 24th.