Marvel actor makes a surprise cameo in Kevin Hart series

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Marvel actor makes a surprise cameo in Kevin Hart series

Starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, the Netflix mini-series True Story recently premiered on the streaming platform last week. However, a surprise cameo from a famous Marvel actor has left fans reeling. 

Hart plays a fictional version of himself, named Kid, a popular comedian, who goes to his hometown in Philadelphia and finds himself involved in the crossroads between life and death with his cunning and vile brother, played by Snipes. The duo has to cover up a murder and race against time to avoid being caught. 

In the second episode of the series, Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the franchise, makes an appearance as a lead hero in a superhero flick. He smashes through the walls and makes a surprise cameo that fans have been very excited about. 

Hemsworth’s character is a fictionalised version of himself who catapulted into superstardom due to his role as the notorious hammer-wielding god of thunder. 

The creator of the show, Eric Newman is also working with Hemsworth on his upcoming Netflix film Escape from Spiderhead. Newman said that while shooting in Australia, he laid out the proposition for Hemsworth who immediately accepted it. 

True Story is as crazy as the series can get with a sprinkle of Hart’s genius and creativity, who serves as executive producer. Snipes, who is an MCU veteran, having played the anti-hero in Blade, is brilliant in the show as the conniving brother. 

Hart expressed his “surreal” excitement at being able to work with Snipes, whom he idolised. I grew up watching Wesley and emulating Wesley, and the fact that now that’s my guy, my brother, my friend, my costar — it’s everything, plus more,” he said. 

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