‘Lupin: Part Three’ – Ending explained
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‘Lupin: Part Three' - Ending explained

Netflix’s popular French heist series, Lupin, returned with its highly anticipated part three, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as Assane Diop’s quest for redemption, family, and justice continued. And the explosive ending of Lupin part three brought numerous twists and turns. 

The third season of Lupin revolves around Omar Sy’s Assane Diop’s relentless efforts to protect his family, particularly Claire and their son Raoul. To ensure their safety, Assane hatches a daring plan that involves stealing the elusive Black Pearl, a feat he had previously failed to accomplish. However, executing such high-stakes plans comes with its own set of risks.

The pivotal moment in Assane’s plan is faking his own death, a move reminiscent of the legendary Lupin himself. With the assistance of his trusted ally Benjamin and a network of contacts, Assane stages his death flawlessly. Yet, some, like Detective Guédira and Raoul, remain sceptical of Assane’s demise.

Assane’s mission takes an unexpected turn when a new adversary kidnaps his mother. He finds himself entangled in a dangerous web of theft and betrayal, forced to make difficult choices to secure her safety. This unfortunate situation also leads to the heartbreaking betrayal of his friend Ben.

Meanwhile, Claire launches her own investigation into her presumed-dead husband’s true fate. Guédira extends an offer to assist Assane in exchange for his surrender, a deal that Assane reluctantly accepts.

As the story unfolds, Assane gradually unravels the identity of his formidable enemy and races against time to save his family from impending danger. His mother, Mariama, manages to free herself, leading to an emotional family reunion. However, a new threat from an old foe lurks on the horizon, setting the stage for an electrifying conclusion to Lupin part three.

Lupin season three ending explained

One of the central mysteries of Lupin part three is the reason behind Assane’s mother’s decision to leave him. In 1995, while Assane and his father embarked on a new life in the UK, Assane’s mother remained in Senegal, aiming to save money to reunite with them. But her life took a drastic turn when her boss cut employees’ wages in half, prompting her to steal the money rightfully owed to her and her colleagues. Her act of defiance led to her imprisonment.

After her release, she turned to a life of thievery, becoming remarkably skilled at it. Decades later, she reunites with Assane in the UK but is kidnapped shortly afterwards, igniting the conflict in the third season of Lupin.

Who is Keller in Lupin part three?

Another crucial element unveiled in the final episode of Lupin part three is the character Keller. Keller is the owner of a boxing club and orchestrates various shady operations with a group of orphaned children he unofficially adopts. He grooms them to commit illegal acts to generate income.

Assane’s friend Bruno introduces him to Keller, and Keller is immediately impressed by Assane’s potential. However, as time passes, Assane’s growing proximity to Keller fosters resentment and jealousy in Bruno. Eventually, Keller forces the two friends to participate in a major heist during the Football World Cup Finals, a task they are unwilling to undertake.

However, their heist ends with the police chasing them. Keller forces Bruno to shoot a police officer. Moments later, Keller crashes their car in the chaos. In a desperate move, Assane plants the murder weapon with Keller, leading to Keller’s arrest and 25-year imprisonment. This event becomes the catalyst for Keller’s quest for revenge against Assane.

Assane’s family reunion and future in Lupin

In the final moments of Lupin part three, Assane manages to orchestrate his family’s escape from France. He secures the release of Manon from prison, who then turns against Keller upon realising the extent of his abuse and manipulation.

With the Black Pearl in hand, Assane strikes a deal with Keller, ensuring his freedom in exchange for the precious artefact. Assane then rushes to the airport with his mother, wife, and son, securing their flight out of France. A fourth ticket is reserved for his best friend, Benjamin, who is still in prison. Assane voluntarily surrenders to Detective Guédira under the condition that Benjamin is released, as he was not involved in Assane’s heists.

As Lupin part three concludes, Assane’s future remains uncertain but leaves viewers eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Assane Diop’s thrilling journey.