‘Lucifer’ star lands lead role in upcoming Netflix holiday film
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Lucifer' star lands lead role in upcoming Netflix holiday film

Lucifer actress Aimee Garcia will soon be seen in a Netflix original holiday-themed romantic comedy. 

Garcia, who is known for her role as the bubbly forensic scientist Ella Lopez, will find herself opposite Freddie Prinze Jr, last seen in She’s All That, in this currently unnamed film that will have a holiday theme. 

Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini, known for Without Men, the film will be based on Jennifer C Stetson and Paco Farias’ screenplay, closely monitored by the holiday-themed-movies-expert Michael Varrati. 

The film will focus on Angelina, a pop star, whose fame is in tatters as she suffers from unfathomable career burnout. To make some time for herself, she finds herself in a small town to make a fan’s wish come true. On this break, Angelina finds the inspiration to reignite the spirit within herself and rejuvenate her career as well as stumbles upon true love. 

Besides Lucifer, Garcia was previously seen in various TV shows like MODOK, Rush Hour TV and Dexter, besides appearing in films like The Addams Family and What They Had

The final season of Lucifer saw Garcia’s character finally learn the truth about her friends’ secret identities of being angels and demons. The actress herself claimed how she “loved” the way the show panned out Ella’s discovery. “It was the perfect way to find out,” Garcia said. 

“I like that no one told her because that made her feel very isolated from her Scooby Gang. It made her feel very alone, and as a result, she got to explore places, as a character, we’ve never seen before.”  

Prinze Jr is also a regular, having starred in films like Scooby-Doo, I Know What You Did Last Summer and TV shows including Friends, Star Wars Rebels and 24.