Lucien Laviscount of ‘Emily in Paris’ announces newest role
(Credit: Netflix)

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Lucien Laviscount of 'Emily in Paris' announces newest role

As Lucien Laviscount moves away from the Netflix series Emily In Paris, he has taken up his first lead role in a movie. Laviscount will be starring in the onscreen adaptation of This Time Next Year, starring Sophie Cookson and directed by Nick Moore.

Moore had been previously known for his role in the editor’s chair for other romantic films such as Love Actually and The Full Monty. Cookson has also previously been known for her role as “Roxy” Morton in the Kingsmen: The Secret Service franchise. 

The story is set to follow Laviscount as Quinn, who is born only two minutes apart from Cookson’s Minnie on New Year’s Day. After meeting up together after 30 years, the two meet up in the same city and fall for each other despite leading two distinctly different lives.

The synopsis for the film is being adapted from the book of the same name by Sophie Cousens. Laviscount has been most known for his role as Alfie in Emily in Paris, where he is in a complicated relationship with Emily.

Although Laviscount is branching out into new areas, he does mention wanting some closure for his Netflix character as well, telling DigitalSpy, “I guess with Alfie and Emily, whether it be closure or a friendship or whatever, to explore that? I know it’s been explored [a little], but I think their relationship is different than what Gabriel’s and Emily’s was. So it’d be interesting to explore that”.