‘Love, Death + Robots’ season 3 premieres episode ahead of its release
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘Love, Death + Robots’ season 3 premieres episode ahead of its release

A worthy successor to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, Love, Death + Robots is coming back for a third season run and promises the start of something new and exciting, albeit ominous, with an exciting directorial line-up. 

Created by Tim Miller, the programme has two seasons to its name which abounds in blood, violence, gore and sexual undertones set against an outlandish, dystopian premise. 

From robot invasions, and alien apocalypses to other insane cataclysmic and often sinister events, the episodes are rife with socio-political commentaries with wide-ranging themes, including feminism, capitalism, revenge, poverty, friendship, and love. 

The ten upcoming animated segments will each be directed by a separate director, including the acclaimed filmmakers David Fincher and Alberto Mieglo, Emily Dean, Jerome Chen, Carlos Stevens, Patrick Osborne, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Emily Dean, Andy Lyon and Robert Bisi.

Ahead of its release, the show has released one of the episodes on their YouTube channel involving recurring fan favourite characters. Titled ‘Three Robots’, the characters are based on John Scalzi’s story and are voiced by Gary Anthony Williams, Josh Brener and a computer voice program. 

The short shows the three robots touring through the ruins of human civilisation, strolling around as if they are on vacation. 

The newest short for the third season is titled ‘Three Robots: Strategies’. The trio take jabs at prepper culture- the people who actively believe in an impending apocalypse and prepare accordingly. Less than ten minutes in length, the trio explore dead human remains and their resources while exploring the place where the “robot uprising began”. 

However, it ends with an unknown gloved hand taking a sip from a martini. As we expect a human to show his face, it turns out to be a talking tabby cat who cheekily says, “Who were you expecting? Elon Musk?” 

The short has already piqued interest in the upcoming season which will most likely not hold back in terms of poking fun at these tech bros and their visionary ideas. 

Love, Death + Robots season three will premiere on Netflix on May 20th, 2022.