Love and technology: Exploring sci-fi through five titles
(Credit: Netflix)


Love and technology: Exploring sci-fi through five titles

Love and technology is one of the most unusual but ascending genres of our times. The mix is eloquent simply because of its simplistic brilliance. Apart from apparent watches produced by Netflix, like Love Death + Robots, there are several others screaming to be watching. Looking to stir up your conception of science and the future? Here we are!

The uniqueness of sci-fi hits differently. The ubiquitous nature of dangerously developing technologies that blend with our lives is advancing daily. Today the discussion is regarding the hyper-obsession with the quantified self. Human beings are by nature adaptable, and what makes this scary is the possibility of blending so far with technology that we end up as cyborgs. Not that we aren’t already. 

Imagine if Her was a reality. We have seen several mentions of humans falling in love with AIs. Like Dr Krieger in all of Archer’s 12 seasons. Often fidgeting with Siri and Alexa transpiring into something more than exploring technology.

What makes this genre interesting is that it is not far from reality. Thus shows like Black Mirror is the real horror haunting our society. If you are more into other kinds of horror, don’t worry, we have got you covered as well. If you wish to venture more into crime-thrillers, here is your list. Prefer psychological horror instead, that’s here too!

But without further ado, let’s dive into the not-so-obvious choices for this genre on the streamer. This is a list of must-watches if you are willing to dig deeper into the alternate possibility of technology coming dangerously close to humanity. Keep reading to find out more about our top choices! 

The five best sci-fi titles about technology:

5. Biohackers (2020)

A student known as Mia Akerlund (Luna Wedler) walks into one of the most prestigious German universities. However, she has a motif. She wants to further investigate a professor who had connections with one of her personal tragedies.

Amidst the chaos, she stumbles upon more and more secrets. Mia unravels the dangerously high use of technological biohacking in her university town. Biohackers is a thriller highlighting the dangers of hyper-combining life with technology and its negative outcomes.

Biohackers currently streaming on Netflix. Find out more from the trailer here!

4. The App (2019)

Produced by Netflix, this film is not the biggest revolutionary moment that there is in the genre. However, aggressive use of technology has been shown with alarming outcomes. Therefore, it fits the genre like a glove. The movie follows the story of an actor and industrial heir called Nick.

Nick is visiting Rome to shoot his current movie however finds himself to be obsessed with a dating app. Things turn darker when he spirals into a dark pit of self-sabotage encircling the use of The App. 

The App currently streaming on Netflix. Find out more from the trailer here!

3. Airplane Mode (2020)

This movie explores the effects of reducing the dependency on technology in one’s daily life. The plot follows an influencer’s life trajectory once she crashes her car whilst on her phone. What happens after?

The influencer Ana (Larissa Manoela) has been stationed on her grandfather’s farm after. What was the problem with that? Ana now had to completely change her life to fit into a life “off the grid”. A definitely interesting take on the topic of technology. A refreshing watch and a must for anyone looking for movies for their weekend watchlist.  

Airplane Mode currently streaming on Netflix. Find out more from the trailer here!

2. Osmosis (2019)

Although the show only has one season so far, here’s why you cannot miss out. The show takes place in the future. Sometime in the future in the city of Paris, there is an app that matches people to their “soul-mates” by mining data straight from the brain.

Makes one wonder what really is going on in the future. The plot remains simple yet with a twist that true love comes at a cost. What is it? Find out more in this interesting piece that was cancelled way ahead of its time. 

Osmosis currently streaming on Netflix. Find out more from the trailer here!

1. The Hater (2020)

Don’t we all love virtual games? A massive part of covid was survival by feeling close to your friends and peers miles away with the use of virtual games and platforms. We all at some point in our lives meddled with virtual games and impractical choices just out of curiosity. But imagine if those impractical choices came with brutal consequences in your real life.

The Hater follows the story of an ambitious young man who starts messing around with the dark side of social media’s smear tactics. However, he soon finds out his dark virtual games have real-life irreversible consequences. How does he get out? Find out more in this brilliant film directed by Jan Komasa. 

The Hater currently streaming on Netflix. Find out more from the trailer here!