Listen to the complete ‘XO, Kitty’ playlist
(Credit: Netflix)


Listen to the complete 'XO, Kitty' playlist

The soundtrack for XO, Kitty, uses contemporary songs to immerse viewers in the show’s South Korean setting. From the catchy tunes that dominate TikTok to iconic K-pop hits, the soundtrack amplifies the energy and cultural richness of the show. Anthony Keyvan, who plays Kitty’s (Anna Cathcart) best friend, Q, was pleasantly surprised when he recognised popular K-pop tracks during the post-production process. His exposure to the genre while filming in Seoul expanded his appreciation for K-pop.

Gia Kim, who portrays Yuri in the series, having grown up in South Korea, had her own phase of K-pop fandom during high school. Kim feels proud to witness the worldwide success of K-pop and believes that incorporating popular K-pop songs into the show will appeal to fans of the genre. Kim told Tudum, “I was really happy to know that they put all these really big K-pop songs in there, because K-pop has a huge worldwide following now, and I’m proud of how well it’s doing, as a Korean. I’m happy that they incorporated all these great songs in there because I feel like a lot of people who love K-pop will love this [show], too.”

The XO, Kitty soundtrack features not only well-known K-pop acts like BTS, BLACKPINK, and Seventeen but also introduces audiences to artists who may be less familiar. Music supervisors Lindsay Wolfington and Laura Webb aimed to showcase a variety of K-pop bands, beyond the most mainstream ones. They discovered artists like Jeon Somi through their collaboration with music producer Teddy Park, known for his work with BLACKPINK.

Each episode of XO, Kitty is accompanied by a curated collection of songs that enhance the narrative and set the mood. From Anna of the North’s “Nobody” signalling the start of the series to Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” resonating with the franchise’s history, the soundtrack is a vibrant mix of K-pop and songs that pay homage to the show’s context and characters.

With its pulsating beats, playful melodies, and heartfelt ballads, the XO, Kitty soundtrack takes viewers on a journey along with Kitty. The carefully curated songs enhance the show’s storytelling, introduce fans to new artists, and provide a fresh and dynamic musical experience.

Here’s the full XO, Kitty soundtrack

Episode 101: “XO”

  • Anna of the North – “Nobody”
  • GRAE – “Spinning”
  • Seventeen – “HOT”
  • BTS – “Telepathy”
  • Momoland – “BAAM”
  • BLACKPINK – “Pink Venom”
  • Jeon Somi – “What You Waiting For”
  • Rayelle – “Whatcha Thinka Me Now”
  • Dead End Kids – “Up and Away”
  • Seventeen – “Dar+ling”

Episode 102: “WTF”

  • BLACKPINK – “You Never Know”
  • Nakwon – “Dance!”
  • Clancy – “Look at Me Now” 
  • Claud – “Soft Spot”
  • Jeon Somi – “XOXO”
  • Kilder – “You & Me”

Episode 103: “KISS”

  • Emmit Fenn – “The Chase”
  • Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
  • Love X Stereo – “Deeper Than the Dark”

Episode 104: “TGIF”

  • Stray Kids – “Venom”
  • Stray Kids – “Maniac”
  • The Aces – “Don’t Freak”
  • TWICE – “I Can’t Stop Me”
  • Hi-Five – “Be with You”
  • CSCS – “Oh Yeah”

Episode 105: “TBH”

  • Juju B. Goode – “Time Machine”
  • Wonho – “Best Shot”
  • Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
  • (G)I-DLE – “Hann (Alone in Winter)”

Episode 106: “BYOB”

  • Sweet the Kid – “Cocoa”
  • ITZY – “B[OO]M-BOXX”
  • Marc Jackson Burrows – “Now Go”
  • Edge of Silence (feat. Zuddi) – “Pink Sky Complex”
  • 88rising, BIBI – “The Weekend”
  • Kali J – “Own It”
  • Juju B. Goode – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
  • Dabin – “Smoke Signals”

Episode 107: “TIL”

  • Dabin – “Smoke Signals”
  • Jeon Somi – “Dumb Dumb”
  • JETTE – “How Bout You (Inst)”
  • ITZY – “Icy”
  • Glen Check – “Dazed & Confused”

Episode 108: “LFG”

  • fromis_9 – “Stay This Way”
  • Glen Check – “Sins”
  • Juju B. Goode – “Rainbow Freestyle”
  • Edge of Silence (feat. Yun Hee Won) – “Monologue”

Episode 109: “SNAFU”

  • La Felix – “Comes & Goes”
  • Carolyn Jordan, Craig Hardy, Peter Boyes – “I’m a Winner”
  • Haiku Hands – “Dare You Not To Dance”
  • John Chuck & the Class – “Business as Usual”
  • Miso – “Alone”
  • Park Hye Jin – “Y DON’T U”

Episode 110: “OTP”

  • Mona – “Run Away”
  • Vegyn, Soo Joo – “W8ing 4 U”
  • Everglow – “No Good Reason”
  • Caveboy – “Guess I’ve Changed”
  • Marina – “About Love”