Lee Sung Jin reveals real-life inspiration behind ‘Beef’
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Lee Sung Jin reveals real-life inspiration behind ‘Beef’

Lee Sung Jin, the showrunner behind Netflix’s new hit series Beef, has revealed the real-life incident that inspired the dark comedy. 

Sung Jin revealed that he “very thankful” that a road rage incident befell him. He explained: “Yeah, it was a typical road rage thing where, you know, the light turned green. And I didn’t go fast enough.”

Adding: “And it was also a white SUV, that was a BMW though. And for some reason that day, I was like, I’ll follow you, and I didn’t really have a plan in my mind. In my mind, I was justifying it, like, I’m just following him as I’m on my way home, and I happened to be behind you.”

Nevertheless, he accepts that it must have been a stressful ordeal for the SUV driver. Concluding: “And I’m sure for that person, it felt like I was tracking him the whole run of the 10 highway.”

Beef tells the tale of two people who let a road rage incident and the drive for revenge slowly consume their existence. 

The highly anticipated new series is helmed by Lee Sung Jin who is known and revered for his previous work on Silicon Valley. Starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, the 11-episode is a dark comedy with a keen psychological edge.