Watch the latest film hitting the top of the Netflix charts
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Watch the latest film hitting the top of the Netflix charts

Quite unsurprisingly, the fifth and final episode of Money Heist that dropped on Netflix on December 3, 2021, had topped the charts on Netflix. However, it has been dethroned in the US by the latest Sandra Bullock release. 

Following a successful collaboration with Netflix on Bird Box that reigned as the most-watched film on Netflix for three years since its release in 2018 before being taken over by Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson’s Red Notice this year, the Award-winning actress is back on the streaming service with her newest thriller film The Unforgivable.

The film has topped the charts in Netflix US pushing Money Heist behind The Queen of Flow and Lost in Space

Directed by German filmmaker Nora Fingscheidt and adapted from the British series, the film sees Bullock in the lead role as the protagonist who has been acquitted from prison after nearly two decades. She wants to meet her estranged sister who was only five when she was imprisoned for allegedly committing a gruesome crime.

However, people do not forget or forgive easily and Bullock’s character finds herself in hot waters with various people, including the close kin of the man she murdered. 

Alongside Bullock, the film also stars Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal

Although it has topped the charts, The Unforgivable is unforgivably tedious to watch. It somehow lacks the riveting narrative that was expected of it and does a disservice to an actress of Bullock’s stature. 

However, following the success of Red Notice, it has become evident that viewership numbers are not proportional to the quality of a film. 

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