Kathryn Hahn and Seth Rogen join in ‘Seinfeld’ table read
(Credit: NBC)

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Kathryn Hahn and Seth Rogen join in 'Seinfeld' table read

As part of the Netflix Is a Joke Festival that happened last Sunday (May 1st), Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Aziz Ansari, and Kathryn Hahn did a script read of three classic Seinfeld episodes for Hilarity for Charity Alzheimer’s nonprofit. 

Performing the classic ‘shrinkage’ scene that occurs in the season 5 episode ‘The Hamptons’, Rogen, Ansari and Hahn commanded the crowd and perfectly delivered the hilarious material. 

In the performance, Rogen played Jerry, Black played Kramer, Hahn played Elaine and Ansarai took on the role of George, with each one realising their character with great accuracy. Their performance was joined in the long-delayed event by appearances from Dave Chappelle, Larry David and Pete Davidson among many others. 

Last year the official soundtrack for Seinfeld was finally released after long last, with a 33-track collection of music from the classic sitcom, composed by Jonathan Wolff released via WaterTower Music.

The brand new album marked the very first time that any of the music for Seinfeld was made available outside of its original television context. As Wolff noted, “It was 30 years in the making,” confessing that he wasn’t sure why an album of its kind wasn’t released before. 

Most of the music from the original sitcom was created by Jonathan Wolff in his Burbank studio where he has scored an estimated 75 series over two decades of work. With Jerry Seinfeld unhappy about the quality of the original music in the 1989 pilot, his friend, comedian George Wallace, recommended Wolff and the rest is television history.