Joseph Quinn doubts Eddie Munson will return to ‘Stranger Things’
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Joseph Quinn doubts Eddie Munson will return to 'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn, who joined the show’s fourth season as immediate fan favourite Eddie Munson, had shared his doubts that the character will return for season five after Munson’s death in the finale. 

Quinn, who recieved immense love and praise from Stranger Things fans for his performance as metalhead Munson, transitioned from the historical miniseries Catherine the Great to the smash hit Netflix show this year. His character exploded in online discussions of the show, standing out from the crowd with his classic 1980s metal-lover style and attitude.

Munson became one of the most popular characters talked about on Twitter and TikTok, with fans copying his style and reciting his lines for fun. However, these fans were devastated when the character was brutally killed off in the season’s last episode, being mauled by a swarm of demon bats after sacrificing himself.

Stranger Things fans are hoping Munson will return; however, Quin told British GQ this might not be possible. The actor shared how, when asked if the character will return from the dead, he replies: “I’ve said I don’t know because I really don’t know.” Quinn has stressed that the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, had not told him if he would return, and Munson “seems pretty fucking dead”. 

He added: “[Executive producer and director] Shawn Levy has said it publicly. I think [his return] would be very, very, very unlikely.” The actor feels satisfied with how the character was written throughout the season, citing this as a reason Munson shouldn’t make a forced comeback. “It’s just a beautifully written arc. The beginning, middle and end are so powerful as it stands,” Quinn shared. “So I think just to crowbar him into a narrative… you don’t want him to overstay his welcome.” 

Quinn also dignifies the writers and the show by expressing he feels they don’t need the character in the following season. “He did the job that the Duffers wanted him to do. By no means am I ruling it out? That’s a decision for the grown-ups to make,” the star explains. “But Stranger Things was doing fine without Eddie. I think they’ll be fine next season without him, too.”

Watch Munson’s rendition of Metallica’s ‘Masters of Puppets’ below.