Jose Mourinho is getting his own Netflix documentary
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Jose Mourinho is getting his own Netflix documentary

Jose Mourinho, a legendary football manager known around the world as ‘The Special One’, is soon to be getting his own special treatment with a brand new Netflix documentary now confirmed.

The charismatic Portuguese coach, with a rich history at Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Tottenham, has granted access to cameras, offering fans a glimpse into both his life on the sidelines and away from the football pitch. Viewers are poised to discover the essence of Mourinho.

Never one to shy away from letting his tongue wag, Mourinho recently revealed the news of the documentary following a recent Roma game. Mourinho told reporters: “I’ll give you some news, a documentary about me starts on Netflix, it’s a documentary about my career and it starts on Thursday.”

“There are things that will only be known there, they pay me well,” shared the manager. “I hadn’t signed with Roma yet, but I had given my word. A club came along and wanted me to break my agreement with Roma, which hadn’t yet been signed, and I said no. When the documentary comes out everyone will say I’m a total idiot.”

“When Portugal arrived,” he continued, “I immediately told the president about it. When Saudi Arabia arrived I immediately told the president about it. This is why I don’t think they talk to other coaches behind my back, for me it’s not like that because there is reciprocity.”

While many had assumed Mourinho, who has achieved most of the ambitions of any manager, would take the large pay cheque on offer and head to Saudi Arabia, following Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, it would appear, that he has followed Ronaldo’s partner in becoming the focus of a Netflix documentary instead.