Netflix documentary will reveal insights into Cristiano Ronaldo’s romantic relationship
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Netflix documentary will reveal insights into Cristiano Ronaldo's romantic relationship

Netflix will be producing a documentary on the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo, and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, which will give the Manchester United footballer’s fans an intimate insight into their lives, though the model will be their primary focus. 

Rodriguez, 27, is a model who is on her way to rival her footballer boyfriend’s global superstardom. The Portuguese icon has recently been in news for making a comeback to Manchester United and now those fans will be given an intimate look at his life. 

Titled I Am Georgina, the documentary will focus on the Spanish model’s journey from being an au-pair in Bristol to her ascent into stardom, her meeting with the ace footballer and their blossoming romance that culminated in the birth of their three-year-old, Alana Martina. The documentary will also feature Ronaldo’s three other children. 

The model was born in North East Spain and lost her mother to a car crash in 2011. Her father Jorge was an ex-footballer who died two years back at the age of 71 and had previously been imprisoned for a decade due to cocaine smuggling charges. She worked as a nanny at the age of 17 to support herself for a family in Bristol and updated her life on social media. 

In 2015, she left the United Kingdom to work at a Gucci store in Madrid, Spain. Ronaldo, who was playing for Real Madrid at that time, met her at the luxury store the following year and the rest is history. 

According to Alvaro Diaz, the Director of Entertainment at Netflix Spain, the model has been “totally honest” about her life and has traced the trajectory of change from “having nothing to absolutely everything”. 

Diaz says, “She was a normal young woman whose life changed dramatically one day. She was leaving work and crossed paths with the love of her life. Who has not dreamed of that?”

Ronaldo has been quoted saying, “It was a split-second moment. I never thought it would be that big as to fall in love with her, I really didn’t expect it. Georgina is the woman I am totally in love with.”

According to Diaz, Ronaldo, now 36, makes an appearance and his position helps locate an essential point in Georgina’s life. “But the focus is on her and knowing her also through her own eyes. Access to Georgina’s life has been 100%, as a mother, partner and businesswoman,” said he. 

From boarding Ronaldo’s plane to picking jewellery, having fun at the Marbella music festival to playing around with their children, the documentary has plenty of clips that provide a deeper understanding of their relationship. 

Georgina gushes over Ronaldo and how he changed her life. She talks about how “five years ago my life has changed” when she met “a handsome man almost two metres tall”. 

Residing in their multi-million-pound suburban mansion, rented by Ronaldo’s current club, the model said, “Many people know my name, but few know who I am”.