Jon Spaihts has been set as screenwriter for Netflix ‘Gears of War’ movie 
(Credit: Netflix)

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Jon Spaihts has been set as screenwriter for Netflix ‘Gears of War’ movie 

Netflix has given the nod to Oscar-nominee Jon Spaihts, known for his work on Dune: Part One & Two, to take the role of screenwriter for the future live-action Gears of War movie, based on the popular video games series. Netflix first announced the new project back in November last year.

The film is being produced in collaboration with The Coalition, and an adult animated series set in the Gears of War universe is also set to follow, as well as other potential releases. Gears of War tells of humanity on the brink of existence when they come face to face with the Locust, a deadly race who live underground.

The fightback against the Locust is led by former sergeant Marcus Fenix, who takes charge of Delta Squad, a rag-tag fire team. Video game film and TV adaptations are all the rage at the moment with the wide popularity and critical acclaim of HBO’s The Last of Us, and Netflix are looking to capitalise on the current fervour.

Jon Spaihts is known for his writing work on the likes of Doctor StrangePrometheusThe Darkest Hour and Passengers, but it is perhaps his penmanship on Denis Villeneuve’s Dune film adaptations that have earned him the most acclaim and what had Netflix seek him out for their new project.