The Johnny Depp thriller that’s soaring into Netflix’s charts
(Credit: Netflix)


The Johnny Depp thriller that's soaring into Netflix's charts

When we think of Johnny Depp, our mind instantly teleports to Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, or Alice in Wonderland. With that, we sometimes forget about Depp’s previous work like The Ninth Gate, for example. However, thanks to the beauty of Netflix, we can now revisit some of our favourite performers in their more unusual flicks.  

The Ninth Gate, a 1999 film directed by Roman Polanksi, Depp portrays a collector that hunts rare books, and ultimately gets wound up hunting a book that holds the secret to summoning the Devil. One wouldn’t class this film as one of his best, but it’s clear that Depp’s backing and support from fans has pushed this mediocre neo-noir thriller to the top of the Netflix most-watched lists in a number of countries, according to FlixPatrol.  

With a budget of $38 million dollars, the film earned an underwhelming $58.4 million in the box office. After all, with a 6.7 and 43% rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes respectively, it’s not a bad profit for a film that wasn’t rated outstandingly by critics.

When asked about his belief in the spirit world, similar to what is seen in The Ninth Gate, Depp said in a 1999 interview: “Yeah. I would love to. Do I? Yeah. Would I love to know that it’s really real? Yeah. But I do. Of course, I do. I do. I’d like to think that there is. I don’t know, what do you call it? Another plane, another place, another life or something else going on around us.”  

Adding: “It would be interesting to think that we’re all sitting here in the flesh and that in fact we’re surrounded by many, many spirits just whirling around between us. It’s an interesting idea.”

After all the controversy surrounding Depp over recent years, it’s nice to see his films, old and new, resurfacing to the top spots on Netflix’s most-watched lists.  

Check out the trailer for the thriller below.