The worst-rated 2021 Netflix films according to Rotten Tomatoes
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The worst-rated 2021 Netflix films according to Rotten Tomatoes

Checking the score of a film on Rotten Tomatoes before diving into it has become an involuntary response for many of us. More often than not, the Tomatometer saves us from indulging in trashy films and helps us handpick good ones that we might genuinely enjoy. 

Netflix has been releasing a lot of original content over the years, ranging from films and documentaries to series and reality shows that have all garnered their respective fan following. In 2021, the streamer saw monumental success, with many of its releases topping charts and winning public favour. 

Nearly a decade after reigning supreme among the list of streaming services, it became an indispensable part of our existence, especially during the coronavirus pandemic that forced us into the confines of our homes. Netflix became our undisputed best friend, offering solace in the darkest of times. 

In 2021, Netflix released a lot of Original films that have garnered massive acclaim. From Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and based on Thomas Savage’s eponymous novel, which showed toxic masculinity and homophobic mentality in 1920s Montana ranch, to films like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tick, tick…boom! starring Andrew Garfield based on the life of the iconic legend Jonathan Larson, the streaming service has released a host of brilliant films over this year that has grabbed our unhinged attention. 

However, they released certain films that were honestly painful to watch. We, at Best of Netflix, even rated the worst original movies on the streamer in 2021. While we are surprised to see films like He’s All That receive a positive Rotten Tomatoes score, we cannot help but agree with the rest of their picks. 

After you check out the highest-rated Netflix Originals from 2021, here is a list of Netflix films with the worst rating on Rotten Tomatoes that you can still watch to check if you agree. 

The worst-rated films on Netflix in 2021

5. Thunder Force – Ben Falcone  
4. Madame Claude Sylvie Verheyde 
3. Squared Love – Filip Zylber  
2. Carnaval – Leandro Neri
1. The Girl on the Train – Ribhu Dasgupta