Joe Keery praises Netflix’s ‘Protect Steve’ billboards
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Joe Keery praises Netflix’s ‘Protect Steve’ billboards

Joe Keery, the star of Stranger Things, has discussed the reaction to Netflix’s ‘Protect Steve’ billboards that appeared across the world to promote the release of the brand new season of the record-breaking show. 

Erecting billboards that read ‘Protect Steve’ with roots covering much of the poster, reflecting the overgrowth of the Upside Down, fans across the world were shocked at the curious marketing. Released prior to the final two episodes, which were released a month after the first chunk of the series, fans became worried that the beloved character would meet his demise in the explosive finale. 

Amused by how Netflix approached the marketing for the latest series, Keery told NME, “That was some very funny Netflix marketing…“It’s pretty funny because they just freaked everybody out, but they knew how it ended!”. Continuing, he adds, “It was like: ‘why are they saying this?’ Why are they doing this to everyone!”. 

Keery missed out on much of the fan furore that occurred before the release of the final episodes, however, taking a break from social media during the time of high-pressure. “I haven’t been on social media for a while which I think has been good for me,” the actor added, explaining, “Social media is a very subtle poison that seeps into your self-esteem day-to-day…You have a sense of dread and you don’t know why. Getting rid of it for me really helped”. 

Fans are still recovering from the thrill of Stranger Things season four, with the latest series offering up surprise deaths, mad action scenes and a drizzling of Kate Bush

Take a look at the ingenious billboards constructed by the Netflix marketing team, below.