Is there a major plot hole in ‘Supacell’?
(Credits: Netflix)


Is there a major plot hole in 'Supacell'?

Any movie or TV show that dabbles in time travel is always going to leave itself open to being picked apart by eagle-eyed viewers, and new Netflix sensation Supacell is no different.

Created by musician and filmmaker Rapman, the story focuses on a disparate group of characters who develop a wide array of superpowers. Tosin Cole’s Michael Lasaki is the erstwhile protagonist of the piece, with the delivery driver harnessing the ability to teleport and manipulate time.

After catching a glimpse of a future where his fiancé is dead, Michael makes it his mission to alter the past in order to prevent it from ever happening. Initially, Adelayo Adedayo’s social worker Dionne Ofori is unaware of his plan and her pre-ordained fate, but he discovers in the final episode that some things can’t be changed no matter how hard anybody tries.

While there were numerous subplots that fleshed out the world of Supacell, gave insight into the rest of the characters and their motivations, and hinted at an overarching conspiracy being orchestrated by a shadowy organisation, Michael’s desperate race against time itself to try and save Dionne was always the central storyline of the six-episode series.

Things build to a climactic head of steam in the final instalment, where Michael and the team he’d spent so long trying to wrangle together – Nadine Mills’ telekinetic Sabrina, Eric Kofi-Abrefa super-strong Andre, Calvin Demba’s super-fast Rodney, and Josh Tedeku’s invisible Tazer – make a final stand against their mysterious assailants who have a habit of appearing from portals at the most inopportune moments.

When Michael looks as though he’s fended off the threat of Ghetts’ Krazy and saved Dionne, he pulls out a gun and takes aim. Rodney uses his gifts to deflect the firearm, only for the bullet to ricochet through a car windshield and into Dionne, causing him to fail in his mission at the last possible moment.

It neatly sets up a potential second season, but as tends to be the case with time travel, Supacell has been placed under the microscope and accused of carrying a major plot hole. Although it had been shown repeatedly that Michael can move backwards and forwards through time – averting his own death on occasion – the question has been asked over why he can’t hop back a minute or two and prevent Dionne from getting shot.

He can stop himself from being killed, he can appear in a future where she’s already dead, and then reappear in a timeline where he’s got the chance to stop it, but for whatever reason he can’t travel back to the moments right before Dionne dies to prevent it from happening.

The counterpoint is that it had been established Michael didn’t prevent his own death intentionally, and it was made clear he hasn’t yet fully mastered his powers. Not only that, but right before Dionne was killed he’d already used his abilities to stop and rewind time, and it’s part of Supacell canon that there’s only a finite amount of time they can be used before running out and needing recharged.

Plot hole or not, the final scenes in the finale indicated that vengeance is what’s driving Michael now, with Dionne definitively dead and unable to be resurrected after Rapman suggested “there’s no coming back from the dead in this show.”