Is ‘Palm Springs’ the best time-loop film ever?
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Is 'Palm Springs' the best time-loop film ever?

Shot in the year 2020, this sci-fi rom-com directed by Max Barbakow stands out. Time-loop films have been a concept that has been introduced previously. Back in the 1960s marked the beginning of this experimental genre. Palm Springs has proved to be one of the aggressive competitors of the genre. But before we get into why the former mentioned is the best, it is better first to explore the realms of a time-loop film. A time-loop film is one where the characters of a movie find themselves re-experiencing a span of time repeatedly. The hope? To break out of the cycle. 

The first thing that could possibly enter your mind whilst discussing this genre is Russian Doll. The series is one finely written TV show with a temporal loop used as a plot device. But the technique has been used throughout cinematic history, with Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day providing another reminder of its power.

Coming back to Palm Springs, the movie is set at a wedding. The advantage of shooting films of this nature is the remote use of sets and props. However, this particular film left no possibility undone. The trajectory of the story involves two wedding guests who get closer to each other whilst living in a time loop. 

Protagonists Sarah (Cristin Milioti) and popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine star playing Nyle (Andy Samberg) continue to fall in love by re-living the same day over and over again together. There is a meet-cute moment when the estranged lovers first see each other. The chemistry between the stars is palpable. They made sure to sell the romance well, it feels genuine and believable. Although the concept of the time loop isn’t original, the film maintained a certain level of authenticity throughout by approaching it differently. 

Absurdly funny humour underlining the plot keeps the feeling of romance genuine. Critics have called it a hidden gem for the sheer brilliance with which the story was handled. With some obvious and other not-so-obvious plot twists, the film is the perfect weekend blend. Where you can let yourself go with the movie and let your mind wander through the ions of possibilities the film could turn into. This feel-good movie gives a unique twist to the foundation of the time loop and a different perspective on the inescapable nuances of life. Yet again, love flourishes. 

So do not waste your time and dive into the world of Palm Springs and let the wings of romance take you on a ride through one day over and over again. Watch Palm Springs now! Unfortunately, the film is no longer streaming in all countries. But if you are a lucky one, you will find it right on your streamer’s busy shelves! You can find the trailer for the film here!