How ‘The Silent Sea’ cast bonded over “comedy skits”
(Credit: Netflix)

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How ‘The Silent Sea’ cast bonded over “comedy skits”

Netflix’s newest Korean sci-fi thriller The Silent Sea has already been well-received by audiences across the globe thanks to its riveting premise. In a new interview, the cast and crew recently opened up about their experiences shooting with one another. 

Directed by Choi Jang-yong, this eight-episode series stars Gong Yoo, Heo Sung-tae, Song Ji-an, Lee Joon, Kim Sun-young and Lee Moo-saeng who found a unique way to bond with each other, using their own “comedy skits”.  

In this new video, Gong Yoo joked about his obsession with making his co-star Sun-young laugh that led them to make impromptu comedy sketches on-sets. “I can start any kind of random comedy skit, and she always has a great comeback to it,” shared Gong. 

Talking about how Kim Sun-young would come up with various sequences and characters while filming, the actor added, “I think I played about ten different roles while filming this show.”

Praising Gong, Kim said, “Gong Yoo went along with everything, and it was just so much fun. We were wearing heavy suits, and we needed a good laugh.”

In the video, the actor is seen pretending to be an airport security officer and then a spa masseuse with the rest of the cast clearly playing along and having a good laugh about it. 

Gong also opened up about how “fun-loving” his co-star Bae Doo-na is in reality, in contrast with the general opinion that the viewers and her fans have of her, thinking she is “very cool and aloof”. 

Following hits like Squid Game, Hellbound and My Name, The Silent Sea is Netflix’s latest Korean addition that has already garnered massive interest among viewers. 

According to the ominous official synopsis of the show, it will be set in “an abandoned lunar base” involving “a mission with a 10% survival rate” where the crew members will slowly meet their fatal doom with the progression of the narrative.

Watch the video below: