How ‘Sex Education’ helped Asa Butterfield feel “liberated”
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How ‘Sex Education’ helped Asa Butterfield feel “liberated”

Sex Education is gearing up for its farewell season as the students of Moordale Secondary go off to sixth form. Despite its explicit content, Sex Education managed to talk about intimacy, identity, and wellness in the most endearing ways. Over the years, it has received critical acclaim for its ability to tackle sensitive topics with a unique blend of humour and charm—all the more reason why it will be sorely missed.

But as we await the fourth season, where Otis (played by Asa Butterfield) seems to have bared it all again, going by the full trailer, let’s look back at the moment that was a particular highlight for Butterfield. 

Around the time the show returned for its second season, Butterfield made waves for his candid remarks about feeling “liberated” while baring it all early on in the hit Netflix series. “Feel liberated knowing most of the world can now see my bare ass on their tv. Cheeks out boys, it’s 2020.” Butterfield wrote on Twitter

This playful and humorous comment came after the release of the scene where Otis engages in a three-minute montage, masturbating in various unconventional locations, from a car park to his bedroom. This was a breakthrough moment in the teen’s life because, in the first season, Otis is socially awkward and not very experienced in matters of sex and relationships. 

Otis is initially depicted as someone who is uncomfortable talking about sex or even initiating self-exploration. However, as the series progresses, he becomes more comfortable discussing and providing advice on sexual issues, becoming the de facto sex therapist to his friends and peers at school.

Sex Education has pushed boundaries and challenged norms throughout its run. The fourth season will take viewers on a new journey as it shifts the focus to Otis and Eric’s experiences at Cavendish Sixth Form College after the closure of Moordale Secondary. This transition promises a fresh perspective on the characters’ growth. The series will continue to explore themes of classic coming-of-age narrative with a twist.

Fans can expect to see familiar faces in the final season, including Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Aimee-Lou Wood, and Connor Swindells reprising their beloved roles. While some characters will not return, the series has introduced exciting new additions, such as Dan Levy, who will play Mr. Molloy, Maeve’s Ivy League tutor. 

So mark your calendars, as Sex Education season four is set to be released on Netflix on September 21st, 2023.