How much does Netflix cost? Everything you need to know about subscription plans
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How much does Netflix cost? Everything you need to know about subscription plans

Netflix, our best friend and loyal compatriot, who has been nothing but giving and loving, is available worldwide except in locations like China, North Korea, Syria and Crimea. With innumerable incredible films, including classics and Netflix Originals, and binge-worthy TV shows, the streaming platform has gained immense popularity over the years. However, the tag of capitalism and affordability brings in an important question: Is Netflix affordable? How much does it cost?

The costs vary from region to region, but the features remain the same. The three plans (Basic, Standard and Premium) have different features which make streaming convenient and quite affordable. With its other competitors like Hulu, Disney+, HBO and more providing tough competition, Netflix is changing its business plans accordingly. Quite affordable and easily accessible, Netflix is and will continue to be one of the most popular streaming platforms. You can change your plan or cancel your subscription whenever you want to.

Below, we have taken a look at the subscription plans and what makes Netflix different from the other streaming platforms. 

How much does Netflix US cost?

Netflix US has three streaming plans on subscription. These include the Basic, Standard and Premium subscriptions. Let us take a look at the detailed breakdown:

  • Basic: Netflix US offers the Basic streaming plan at a mere $8.99 per month. It has the most basic and limited features which include usage on standard definition (SD) i.e. older and more basic pre-HD televisions as well as being able to use the streaming platform on only one screen. It is the perfect plan for single users who do not care about the quality of the films and shows they are watching. 
  • Standard: The Standard streaming plan is priced at $12.99 per month and can be streamed on two screens at a go. The speciality of this plan is that the films and series available are in high definition (HD), which makes the quality more refined and pronounced. 
  • Premium: At $15.99 per month, the Premium streaming plan is perfect for a family. It can be streamed on four different screens at once and if available, films and series can be streamed in HD or 4K Ultra HD which is or insanely incredible quality. 

How much does Netflix UK cost?

Netflix UK has three different subscription plans as well. The United Kingdom increased its prices in May 2019. Here lies the detailed breakdown:

  • Basic: At £5.99 per month the basic subscription is the cheapest and has the same features as that of the US with the option of being able to stream on only one screen at once and being compatible on SD television. 
  • Standard: This is the standard subscription priced at £8.99 per month where the users can stream HD films and series on two screens at one go.  
  • Premium: The most expensive yet best subscription comes for £11.99 a month where viewers can stream Netflix on four different screens at once and watch Ultra HD films and series. 

After a month of the free trial, the subscribers are automatically subscribed to the Basic subscription plan priced at £8.99 per month, which can be altered by the users from the account settings under the ‘Change Plan’ option. 

What is the speciality of Netflix India?

Netflix launched pretty late in India, in 2016, and since then, has been one of the most popular streaming platforms in the country. The love and warmth they have received from the Indians have been returned twofold times by Netflix by the introduction of extremely affordable plans. 

  • Mobile: At a meagre ₹199 per month, this plan allows the user to use Netflix only on mobile phones and tablets, accessible for streaming on one device at a time. Casting or mirroring is not supported and is available on the latest versions of Android or iOS.
  • Basic: At ₹499 per month, this plan is the same as the Mobile package except that it can be streamed on all devices including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and SD televisions.
  • Standard: This Standard subscription is priced at ₹649 per month and can be streamed on two devices at one go with the added feature of being able to stream HD films and series.  
  • Premium: At a rightly priced ₹799 per month, this is the best available plan where streaming on four screens simultaneously is supported along with the availability of Ultra HD quality films and shows. 

Where is Netflix DVD and Blu Ray available?

While we can download shows and films all over Netflix, the BluRay and DVD plans are available only in the United States, since 1998. This was Netflix’s debut feature before they expanded to the online streaming section in 2007. The detailed pricing plans are available on Netflix:  

  • Basic: At $7.99 per month, the Standard DVD Plan is available while the BluRay s priced at $8.99. As soon as you return one disc, Netflix will mail your next desired disc. While you can watch as many discs as you want to over a period, there is a time limit for watching and returning them. 
  • Premier: With the only exception of being allowed to keep two discs at a time with other criteria remaining the same, the Premier Plan has the standard plan priced at $11.99 per month while the Bluray is priced at $14.99.