How ‘Brooklyn Nine-nine’ affected ‘Blockbuster’
(Credit: Netflix)


How 'Brooklyn Nine-nine' affected 'Blockbuster'

The newest office humour show on Netflix right now is Blockbuster. Starring favourite Brooklyn Nine-nine star Melissa Fumero (Eliza) alongside comedy king Randall Park (Timmy). The story follows the lives of staff members running the last blockbuster store in the United States. With a nostalgic undertone and high relatability, the show set off on the right note. Highlighting the fight to stay relevant in an ever-evolving market where nothing lasts for longer than a decade. 

The show manages to beautifully uphold the notion of how everything is constantly changing. And that it is not always possible to be okay and ready for when this change affects your life. Alongside the theme of change, the show also highlights the importance of small business owners. How and why small business owners should be considered important on a daily. 

Program creator Vanessa Ramos in collaboration with the Netflix network, has produced this fresh series. Being a writer for Brooklyn Nine-nine gave Vanessa a chance to create humorous plots within confined spaces and creative writing. She managed to translate the same practice over to the sets of Blockbuster. 

In an exclusive with Digital Spy, the writer explained how working on shows such as Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-nine helped her with her latest venture. The talented writer claimed that the biggest thing for her was the art of meticulous planning. She credited her showrunners for the virtue of the former, Luke Del Tredici and Dan Goor.

According to the program creator, Tredici would plan the show on a whiteboard, added with a stimulated blue-sky session. She exclaimed, “He would do this little: ‘OK, we’re starting here. We’re ending here. Let’s put in little measures. If we need to get to this Holt thing at the end of the season, what do we need to hit in mid-season, emotionally or in his work story, to get him there?’ And then you take it piece by piece. That was extremely helpful to apply that to Blockbuster, for sure,”

In the show, Tyler Alvarez plays an employee of Blockbuster called Carlos who comes out as bisexual. The writer explains how the decision was obvious and no extra light was shone on it as the character Carlos is confident and knows who he is. Decisions such as this are a product of critical character studying. This is her takeaway from her previous success in the sitcom business. 

If you have not watched Blockbuster yet give it a shot now and be sure not to miss out. Blockbuster is currently streaming on Netflix. But first, catch the trailer for this new office humour sitcom in here.