Hilary Swank has not been approached regarding a ‘Cobra Kai’ return
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Hilary Swank has not been approached regarding a 'Cobra Kai' return

Hilary Swank has revealed she hasn’t been approached about making a comeback to Cobra Kai.

Swank starred in The Next Karate Kid as Julie Pierce, and many fans want to see her character arrive in the Netflix spin-off, but they are yet to reach out to the actor. Although she’s open to arriving in the hit programme, Swank has been left waiting by the telephone for producers to phone her regarding reviving the role.

In a new interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Swank confirmed there’s not even been an initial conversation, let alone an offer. “I’m not in Cobra Kai, no one’s asked me to be in Cobra Kai,” Swank told the hosting duo.

She continued: “A lot of people ask if I’m going to be on it, it’s like, the No. 1 question I get. No one’s called me! … but it’s so funny, isn’t it, that’s the one thing I get asked the most and no one’s called me?”

Meanwhile, the co-creator of Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz, confirmed his interest in bringing Swank into the series. However, he didn’t say whether he believed anything would happen and told viewers to keep their eyes peeled when the new season arrives.

“All we can say about her is we love Hilary Swank,” he explained. “We think she’s a phenomenal actress and we love her character in this franchise. She was taught by Mr. Miyagi and she’s somebody who is important to the Karate Kid universe.”

He added: “We can’t say if she’ll return, we can’t say how she’d return if she was going to return. We can say that we talk about her and maybe we’ve met her, maybe we’ve worked with her, maybe we haven’t. We can’t tell you anything! It’s gonna continue to be a question until either she shows up or the series ends.”

Season five of the programme dropped last month on Netflix, and although the streaming platform is yet to officially commission another series, all signs point to Cobra Kai returning.