‘Havoc’: What’s taking ‘The Raid’ director Gareth Evans and Tom Hardy so long?
(Credit: Netflix)


‘Havoc’: What’s taking ‘The Raid’ director Gareth Evans and Tom Hardy so long?

Action junkies were left punching the air in delight when Netflix announced Tom Hardy would be teaming up with Gareth Evans for Havoc, but that feels like an eternity ago.

Bursting onto the international scene by helming The Raid and its sequel, Evans wasted no time in announcing himself as one of the most potent forces in the genre, with the Indonesian epics boasting incredible framing, staging, and choreography that put Hollywood to shame.

Seeking to broaden his horizons, the Welshman partnered with the streaming service for unsettling folk horror Apostle, signing an exclusive development deal with the company into the bargain. In February 2021, the first details of Havoc emerged, and they were suitably enticing.

Hardy would play a detective fighting his way through the criminal underworld to rescue the estranged son of a politician, pitting him in direct opposition to an array of enemies who presumably need to be bludgeoned in signature Evans style.

The production gathered a stellar ensemble that numbers Timothy Olyphant, Academy Award winner Forest Whittaker, Luis Guzmán, Shadow and Bone star Jessie Mei Li, and UFC fighter Michelle Waterson-Gomez. Principal photography began in July 2021 in Cardiff, and wrapped in October of that year. Since then, barely a peep has been heard out of Havoc, and it still doesn’t have a release window.

In November 2022, Evans shared on social media that he was “fully aware of my radio silence regarding Havoc for some time,” where he revealed he and his team were “still plugging away at it.” He stopped short of even vaguely hinting towards a release date, and that remained the case a year later when he once again offered an update at the Sitges International Film Festival.

Pointing to the pandemic, getting everyone back together for reshoots, and then the writers’ strike as being hurdles on Havoc‘s way to completion, the filmmaker suggested it would be “maybe another year from now at the earliest” before the movie could even consider premiering, which would potentially position it as a late 2024 arrival on Netflix.

That being said, it was noticeably absent from the platform’s sizzle reel teasing its slate of upcoming feature-length projects, with rumours emerging in May 2024 that additional reshoots were planned. On the other side of the coin, further speculation has pointed towards Havoc being a dark horse contender to hold its world premiere at September’s Toronto International Film Festival before dropping on Netflix shortly afterwards.

Of course, that’s in no way close to being confirmed, but it does at least chime with Evans’ projected timeline. It’s been almost three years since the action maestro and Hardy stepped onto set for the first day of filming, but it remains to be seen if the light at the end of the tunnel is actually any closer to being reached.