First images of crime drama ‘Havoc’ starring Tom Hardy revealed
(Credit: Netflix)

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First images of crime drama 'Havoc' starring Tom Hardy revealed

The forthcoming Netflix crime drama Havoc starring Tom Hardy in the lead role, has released its first images. The film was written and directed by The Raid’s Gareth Evans and was shot primarily in Wales. The new images have been released on a new Instagram account for the time.

A synopsis for Havoc, also starring Forest Whitaker and Timothy Olyphant, reads, “After a drug deal goes awry, a detective must fight his way through a criminal underworld to rescue a politician’s estranged son while untangling his city’s dark web of conspiracy and corruption.”

Tom Berrow, who works for Benchmark Scenic Construction, was responsible for getting snow into the film’s scenes. He told Wales Online, “With some of the bigger studios expanding in Cardiff, these big projects seem to be coming down now, culminating with Tom Hardy and Forest Whittaker in Havoc. They’re really big names, and it’s nice to be involved in something that’s so popular and publicly acknowledged in Wales as well.”

Back in 2021, Gareth Evans told Forbes, “That’s a movie that is definitely a standalone project. There are no current plans for that to become a franchise. I think on a project by project basis, if I pitch something and I feel like it has legs, and it could part one of two or three or wherever, that’s certainly a conversation to be had.”