Gwyneth Paltrow shares her Netflix guilty pleasure watch
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Gwyneth Paltrow shares her Netflix guilty pleasure watch

When Gwyneth Paltrow was 19, she made her film debut in the critically panned movie Shout alongside John Travolta. It seemed as though her career had gotten off to a rough start until Steven Spielberg, who just so happened to be her godfather, cast her in his movie Hook.

Within a few years, the actor had established herself in Hollywood, appearing in acclaimed movies such as Se7en and Shakespeare in Love. 

While she continued to appear in many successful films during the 2000s, by 2008, she had founded Goop, a brand that encouraged health and wellness. Yet, Paltrow was soon criticised for promoting products that were essentially scams or potentially dangerous, such as coffee enemas. 

Paltrow also began selling vagina-scented candles for $75 and a roll-on perfume version of the stuff for $45. The products were also available in an orgasm scent, with Goop‘s website claiming, “light it and the room blooms with subtle, sexy airiness and refreshment.”

Goop’s consistent promotion of pseudoscience or simply bizarre products (who doesn’t want to use a giant egg made of jade in their vagina for weightlifting purposes?) has given Paltrow quite the reputation. It has overshadowed her career as an actor; instead, people have taken to making fun of the star.

She also explained in an old Goop article that her diet is extremely strict. Paltrow wrote, “I’m grain-free, sugar-free, eating lots of vegetables and clean protein. Lots of fish, lots of olive oil.” Yet, in a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the actor revealed her Sunday habits, which seem out of line with her clean image, although they’re hardly anything out of the ordinary for the average person.

“I really love to sleep and lie around. I love on a Sunday to not do anything, watch rubbish TV and not make dinner and order in food. I really need one slovenly day,” she revealed.

Her favourite show to watch? Love Is BlindThe reality show first aired in 2020 and has run for six seasons so far. It sees contestants get engaged to people they’ve never met, picking out their spouse-to-be through ten days of dating a small group of potential suitors who they can’t actually see.  

Once a couple has been paired up, a marriage proposal might be on the cards if things go well. Then, the engaged couples must live together and learn about each other before tying the knot.  

Paltrow is obsessed, despite calling the show “so fucking terrible.” It’s one of those reality shows that you’re aware is bad, but before you know it, you find yourself hitting ‘play next episode’. “I can’t stop watching it,” she added.