Netflix reveal contestants for ‘Love Is Blind’ season six
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Netflix reveal contestants for 'Love Is Blind' season six

Everyone’s favourite trash TV show is set to return as Netflix’s Love Is Blind is back for season six. Welcoming a new set of singles to the pods, they’ll be trying to find their perfect match and future spouse on the other side.

Love Is Blind is a Netflix reality show where singles who are disillusioned with the vanity of the modern dating world, meet people without ever seeing them. If they make a connection, they skip the relationship and go straight to the proposal to be able to finally see each other face to face. The couples then have a few weeks to get to know each other in real life before they walk down the aisle and either get married or back out.

The past seasons have offered up no end of dramatic moments that send social media into a spiral. It has also had some success as several of the couples remain happily married and one couple have even had a baby since.

“You don’t find connections anymore,” 34-year-old tech worker Ben says. Flight attendant Chelsea mirrors the same sentiment, adding, “I can’t find someone who wants to connect on a more intimate level.”

Bringing together a bunch of singles who are all ready, and clearly pretty keen, to get married, 34-year-old Amy said, “I think i’ve been ready to meet the person, I just haven’t figured out how to go about it.” The same goes for Ashley who added, “I literally have everything in my life but i just don’t have my person.”

In total, 30 new singles will enter the show before being whittled down to a smaller amount of couples who make it out of the pods. Nick and Vanessa Lachey return as the hosts for the sixth season.

The contestants will attempt to “form deep and immediate connections, setting the stage for an unexpected journey full of twists, turns, and shocking revelations that will test each relationship well after the participants leave the pods for the real world,” according to Netflix.

The first six episodes will land on Netflix on February 14th. Episodes seven, eight and nine will drop on Feb 21st, followed by two more episodes the following week. The finale will air on March 6th.