Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star joins Netflix series ‘Firefly Lane’
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Former 'Grey’s Anatomy' star joins Netflix series 'Firefly Lane'

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is set to be joined by her former co-star, Greg Germann from the same show to be a part of Netflix’s Firefly Lane

Created by Maggie Friedman and starring Heigl as Tully and Sarah Chalke as Kate in lead roles, the show is based on Kristin Hannah’s novel. It revolves around Tully and Kate’s friendship and documents the various upheavals in their life over thirty years in a place called Firefly lane. 

It is a beautiful and platonic depiction of friendship between two female characters that made it very enjoyable and worth watching. Heigl and Chalke have wonderful on-screen chemistry and it is heartwarming to see them support each other through all problems, most notably Kate’s divorce. 

Entertaining and cute, it is also filled with the girls having fun, all the while being constant rocks to each other. The show also got renewed for a second season owing to its popularity.   

Having played Dr Tom Koracick, Germann has been roped in for a recurring role on the second season of the show. 

Friedman had revealed her plans of doing constant flashbacks to document the duo’s high school years if the show ever got renewed. Her wishes have been fulfilled and Firefly Lane season two will most likely give a deeper insight into both the characters. 

Although Heigl and Germann never had scenes together in Grey’s Anatomy due to the actress’ departure in 2010 and Germann joining in quite late in 2017, we are excited to see what the second season of Firefly Lane has in store for these two and what roles they will be playing. 

Germann will be joined by India de Beaufort from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, The White Lotus’ Jolene Purdy and Ignacio Serrichio from Lost in Space as regulars to have recurring roles on the show as well. 

Germann will reprise the role of the head of an influential family, benedict Binswanger who aims to run for Governor in Washington state. His apparent swag and charm is a facade behind which he hides his constant turmoil and concern about his family reputation and protecting the family secret. 

Purdy will be seen as a happy-go-lucky talent agent called Justine Jordan. Serrichio will be seen as a confident and cocky reporter named Danny Diaz who shares a spark with Tully. De Beaufort will be seen as an aspiring journalist named Charlotte who will slowly outgrow her quiet attitude and become more confident and outgoing. 

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