Five ‘Virgin River’ behind-the-scenes moments we love
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Five 'Virgin River' behind-the-scenes moments we love

The 2019 American romantic drama called ‘Virgin River’ follows the life of Malinda (Mel) Monroe. Mel decides to move to Virgin River, a remote town in Northern California, to start afresh. The trajectory follows her decision to answer an ad to work as a midwife who is also a nurse practitioner. What happens next? That’s for you to find out if you have not already.

A rather wholesome TV series produced by Sally Dixon and Ian Hay focuses on the lives of people from the utopic fictional town of Virgin River. Although the town is made up, you can visit the beautiful scenic heaven of multiple filming sites in Vancouver. So yes, indeed, you can visit it along with the many other famous locations where films and shows on Netflix have carried on their pre-production stage.

The onscreen chemistry between Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) is dreamy and wholesome. But at the same time, the creators have kept the plot simple and realistic with very real situations one can find themselves when they are romantically intermingling. Obviously, this leads us as an audience to fall in love with the relatable duo and eagerly want more. Here are the best behind-the-scenes moments from the show to help us find how much chemistry actually goes on behind the lens. 

Five behind-the-scenes moments from ‘Virgin River’

5. The picnic

The whole gang had a splendid and cute picnic back in the month of December 2020. Not only did we get in on the high-intensity action of a rather competitive and intense egg-and-spoon race but we also got more insight into the fun outing filled with games, candies, and energy! 

4. Dance Breckenridge! 

The official account of the series continues to post fun BTS posts to show us exactly how much fun the cast has while shooting the show. Not only have they grown stronger bonds as co-working professionals but also let out their goofy sides to each other.

We know how much ‘Mel’ loves to break a move when the official account posted a video of her dancing to Ciara’s 2004 hit “Goodies”. I think it is only fair that her co-stars on the show felt the incessant need to join in on the fun. Watch Colin Lawrence and Martin Henderson join Brekenrudge for an impromptu dance party at the set. 

3. Go Martin! Go Martin! 

Continuing on the party bus, here are clips of Henderson busting a move to celebrate the end of season 3 shooting. Let’s be honest, how impressive are those moves? All these facts make us only want to fall in love with the cast more and more.

Give a round of applause for this man’s withstanding enthusiasm! 

2. Big Bang Bloopers 

No one does it better than the own show’s official Instagram account to compile videos of the cast’s most iconic bloopers. Do you even like a show if you have not already gone through all their blooper reels? This montage is as wholesome as the show and weirdly makes you feel nostalgic, although the show remains quite fresh.

Whether you have watched ‘Virgin River’ or not, this video will warm your heart. 

1. Just need some horizontal time 

Alex Breckenridge is continuing to be her authentic amazing self and basically personifying all of our moods through this mid-week work rush. After a long day’s hard work, the actress is ready to remain horizontal for a while.

The official account’s caption added, “What a week! Mel and all of VR thank you for all the love you showed us this week by watching season 2.”

That being said, if you have not watched the show yet and are in need of binge something warm and wholesome, here is your next watch. Find out more in the trailer here!