Five movies on Netflix perfect for friendship
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Five movies on Netflix perfect for friendship

Sometimes, the best way to unwind is to call your pals over for some mindless binging, whether it’s a show or a movie, as long as it’s with a friend, there is bound to be some fun had. What better way to increase that chummy feeling than with a host of movies and series that are all about friendship? Thankfully, Netflix is full of such content.

Friendship is a tricky thing. Not only is it all around us, universal in its appeal and entirely beguiling as a concept, but it is also singular and entirely unique to those within it. It makes the depiction of friendship all the more difficult to deliver with sincerity.

However, these projects all showcase the wondrous peaks and treacherous troughs of friendship. Whether it is the madcap bromance shared by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart or the fear-inducing ascent of Everest by a group of friends, this list has you covered for every different kind of friendship.

Below we have five of the best films about friendship currently on Netflix.

Five movies on Netflix perfect for friendship

5. Fall (2022)

When adrenaline junkie Becky loses her husband Dan on a climbing incident, she has to step back from a life filled with spontaneity. For the first time, Becky feels fear. However, a year after the incident, she puts her past in the bag and climbs a 2000ft high tower in the middle of nowhere. Her influencer friend Hunter joins in. However, they are left with no way back down when they reach the top.

What happens 2000ft above the ground is alien to the surface. How do the duo manage to make their way out, if at all? Unfortunately, Fall is not available on Netflix through all regions, but if you are lucky, you can add it to your list now!

4. Central Intelligence (2016)

Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) is an average kid who got constantly bullied back in school for being overweight. However, at the reunion, he returns with a body that has been trained for years. Lean and muscular and big enough to scare off any bullies. He bumps into Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), who misses his best days of being an athlete.

The two catch up, but Calvin is unaware that Bob is now a CIA agent who needs his help to save a compromised SPY satellite system. A world of chaos is ready to unleash upon the notorious duo. What happens next? Find out for yourself! 

Catch it currently streaming on Netflix here.

3. Someone Great (2019)

Galantine’s favourite, Someone Great is the perfect movie to watch with friends. When protagonist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) gets the job of her dreams, she decides to move to the country’s other coast. However, this decision brought an end to an almost decade-long relationship with partner Nate (LaKeith Stanfield).

However, she decides to assemble her best friends for the last night of a rager where she goes through everything she is feeling. The perfect light and breezy yet touching story. Find out how Jenny decides to end her last night in the city of her dreams, New York. 

Catch it currently streaming on Netflix here.

2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

Fun, wild-spirited, and random. Jumanji is the literal game of a movie. Wherein a group of friends discover a dusty and old console and get swooped into the world of Jumanji. Where they have limited lives and all play characters with some kind of special powers. A star-studded performance with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Nick Jonas, amongst many others. Filled with fantasy, drama, and a giving and crazy world. 

Catch it currently streaming on Netflix here.

1. Everest (2015)

The highest mountain peak and one of the most difficult climbs are packed with challenges. Everest is an unreal story capturing the climb up to the highest point in the world with a group of people. Based on true events that transpired in the climb of 1996. Wherein two groups with leader Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, begin their journey to the top of the world. However, all the challenges they meet on the way are beyond imagination.

A tale of victory and loss. With gorgeous cinematography and incredible visual narratives, this movie is a definite must-watch! Catch it currently streaming on Netflix here.