The five best series to binge this weekend
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The five best series to binge this weekend

With yet another hustle course beginning, one can only look up to the next weekend in hopes of some much-needed break. If you are looking for some new, perfectly binge-worthy content that creates the best break for a weary mind, say no more. Netflix has thousands of series worth diving headfirst into.

Sometimes, all we need in life is a comfy sofa and a box-set of series to devour. This week we’ve got you set up. Best of Netflix has compiled a list of the five best series currently streaming on Netflix, perfect for a binge this weekend. 

From Stranger Things to Sex Education, Netflix has a monopoly over the term binge. With the new series hitting audiences all at once, the mind rests unsettled until you have reached a conclusion. All the mind keeps looking for is a good story to engage in that will provide just the right amount of entertainment to take your busy head away from the noise of the week. 

Every month Netflix keeps adding great new shows, all worth binging. Whether it’s a cook-off or a reality show that hits all the right spots on a drama chart, find your new weekend watchlist below! 

Five best series you can binge this weekend         

5. The Mole (2022) 

A psychological warfare amongst fourteen players fighting for the winning prize. The Mole is the perfect way to unwind, providing enough twists and turns to make you feel like you’ve actually got up off the couch.

That’s right. There is a mole amongst all the players whose task is to sabotage the contestants and make sure that the prize in the pot doesn’t get higher. With every new episode, new tasks test all contestants’ physical and mental capabilities. You are still in the game as long as you can keep guessing who the mole is. Otherwise, eliminated. 

Watch The Mole on Netflix here!

4. One of Us is Lying (2021)

One of Us Is Lying is a suspenseful Netflix teen drama. When five teens are caught in their lies, a teacher sends them to detention. However, things take a very drastic turn when one of them dies. The remaining four? Our suspects. The pack must discover the truth before they are robbed of their innocence.

While investigating, they unravel the most crooked and darkest secrets they were all unaware of. The suspense is palpable as the safety of the students is within the hands of these four teens, who know much more than they should. With a killer on the loose, what happens next? With plenty of scheming and suspense, One of Us Is Lying is a must-watch for any fan of teen drama.

Watch One Of Us Is Lying on Netflix here!

3. You (2018)

You has been one of the most catching thriller series on Netflix. Joe Goldberg is a charming and well-read bookstore manager placed in New York City. When he met Guinevere Beck, he immediately fell in love. Things take a quick turn when the undying passion of love turns into obsession. From stalking to blackmailing, he uses everything to get to her. 

Parallely, the show covers every traumatic experience that Joe has been through in his life. When finally, the darkness within quickly trickles down into the outer world, he needs to deal with the consequences of all his actions. What happens next? If you have not watched You yet, it is the ideal time to dive in and binge all the seasons! 

Watch You on Netflix here!

2. Ginny & Georgia (2021)

Ginny & Georgia is a show based on the troubled relationship of mother and daughter. Being a struggling teen mother who was constantly abused as a child, Georgia only learned how to survive by taking action and then escaping into a new life. Ever since the newest season drop, fans have been going crazy and cannot wait to know how the story transpires further. The only thing Georgia knows how to do best is run.

Whenever she meets a situation she considers difficult in her life, she runs from it along with her two children, Ginny & Austin. However, things quickly transpire when she finally decides to set roots in Wellsbury, and the ghosts from her past unwind in front of the family. 

Watch Ginny & Georgia on Netflix here!

1. The Restaurant (2017)

A Swedish delight and a Netflix original, The Restaurant is here to serve. When a group of friends belonging to Sweden decide to take a leap and invest in a restaurant present in Stockholm. How do the group manage to make their business a successful one? Do their dreams come true? With a light-hearted comedic undertone, the show is filled drama in all corners of life. 

Filled with plenty of humour and heartwarming moments. It’s an enjoyable watch that will keep you entertained. 

Watch The Restaurant on Netflix here!