Watch the first trailer for new Netflix K-drama ‘Black Knight’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch the first trailer for new Netflix K-drama 'Black Knight'

Netflix has issued a new first-look trailer for its upcoming original K-drama series Black Knight. Starring Kim Woo-bin of Our Blues, Black Knight is based on the 2017-19 online cartoon Delivery Knight. The dystopian sci-fi story follows ‘5-8’, a deliveryman who risks life and limb to deliver essential supplies to citizens forced to live underground due to severe air pollution.

The new trailer for the programme introduces the dystopian background by showing the Korean Peninsula covered by polluting particulates and sand with its superterranean buildings left abandoned. 

“Deliverymen. We deliver the oxygen and necessities to keep people alive,” ‘5-8’ says in a voiceover as he weathers sandstorms and powerful winds to deliver oxygen tanks and other essentials to the underground homes of citizens.

“Deliverymen must be tough, for they must risk their lives to protect their trucks from hunters’ attacks. That is why people dream of becoming deliverymen,” he continues, as desperate outlaws attempt to hijack his supply vehicle.

As ‘5-8’ navigates the brave new world, he crosses paths with Sa-wol – portrayed by Kang Yoo-Seok – a refugee who aspires to become a delivery driver someday. Black Knight is slated to premiere globally on May 12th, exclusively on Netflix.