First teaser from ‘One Piece’ season two is here
(Credit: Netflix)

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First teaser from 'One Piece' season two is here

Netflix has given a sneak peek of what fans can expect from the upcoming season two of One Piece, hinting at which manga story the live-action adaptation will explore and introducing some key characters.

In a brief video commemorating the birthday of protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, shared on TikTok on May 5th, actor Iñaki Godoy expresses gratitude to the character while presenting what seems to be a cake resembling a candle. On top of the cake-shaped candle was also a real candle in the shape of a number three. 

Drawing parallels with season one, which followed the East Blue manga arc, it appears that the follow-up will delve into the Arabasta arc. This story arc introduces the Baroque Works criminal syndicate, comprised of various antagonists named after numbers and holidays, each with unique and peculiar abilities.

One of these characters is Mr 3, who has the ability to manipulate candle wax after consuming the Wax Wax Fruit. This is supposedly what the candle-shaped cake was related to in the new teaser trailer. 

Since the finale of season one, fans have suspected that the second season would follow the Arabasta arc. The TikTok post now confirms this. For viewers already familiar with the Netflix adaptation, Baroque Works was subtly introduced in an early scene of season one, in which Zoro kills a red-haired Mr. 7. 

Supposedly, Netflix is set to introduce a cast of antagonists, potentially featuring characters from Mr. 1 to Mr. 7, along with their holiday-themed counterparts and the leader of the pack, Mr. 0.

At present, further details regarding season two of One Piece have not been unveiled. Following the success of season one, the follow-up was given the go-ahead in September 2023 and looks to be set for a 2025 release date. Filming is due to kick off in June 2024. 

Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis is linked to the new series after noting her interest in the show. Since then, the creators have revealed, “At this point, we’re writing for her”. 

Watch the teaser on TikTok below.


It’s May 5th, NAKAMA! 🎉 Join our captain Iñaki Godoy in celebrating the greatest, coolest, and most inspiring pirate to ever sail the Grand Line. Happy B-B-B-B-Birthday, Monkey D. Luffy! 🌬️🎂

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