Fans want to lick Chris Hemsworth poster that “sweats”
(Credit: Netflix)

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Fans want to lick Chris Hemsworth poster that "sweats"

Today in unhinged fan behaviour that should concern everyone, fans want to lick Extraction 2 posters featuring Chris Hemsworth’s face.

The reason behind this unusual desire? Netflix’s innovative billboard campaign for the action-packed Extraction 2. Netflix has truly upped the ante in advertising technology with their latest billboards. These larger-than-life posters of Tyler Rake, played by Hemsworth, are not your ordinary static displays. They have been designed to “sweat”. Yes, you read that right! 

Hidden water supplies and laser-cut pores on Hemsworth’s forehead on the posters create a realistic effect, making it appear as if he is perspiring just like he does on the big screen.

Marian Lee, Netflix’s chief marketing officer, explained that the decision to experiment with this unconventional advertising approach was driven by the success of the first Extraction film, which coincided with the COVID-19 lockdown. It appears that Netflix is willing to push the boundaries to engage its audience with interactive experiences.

Lee told Variety, “We really think about testing new things. We have traditional billboards, too. But the sweaty billboards were great.”

“Fans want elements where they can interact,” Lee said before revealing, “They want to interact with talent. But they want to participate with interactive and photographable moments. It’s really important to have tangible things that fans can do.”

Placed at street level in New York City and Los Angeles, these billboards have become a magnet for fans seeking unique photo opportunities. But it seems some fans have taken their excitement to a whole new level, expressing a desire to touch, wipe, and, believe it or not, even “lick” Hemsworth’s sweaty visage.

“I’d lick it all,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Is there a shirtless version?” someone else wants to know.

While we can appreciate the enthusiasm, a word of caution is necessary. Licking billboards may not be the most hygienic of activities, especially in a post-pandemic world. Perhaps we can enjoy the innovative marketing gimmick from a respectful distance.