Exploring the riveting ending of Netflix’s ’True Story’

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Exploring the riveting ending of Netflix’s ’True Story’

The brand new Netflix miniseries True Story premiered on the streaming platform last week, starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in lead roles. The series revolves around Hart playing a fictionalised version of himself named Kid, a popular comedian, who goes to his hometown in Philadelphia and finds himself stuck between life and death as he tries to cover up a murder with his cunning and vile brother, played by Snipes. 

Created by Eric Newman and with Hart serving as executive producer, the series is extremely riveting and has a twisted ending that has confused the viewers. 

The central conflict of the series lies in Kid waking up next to a dead Daphne, played by Ash Santos, that could potentially ruin his multi-million dollar business deal. Along with his brother Carlton, he races against time and even gets involved with a dangerous mob. 

However, towards the end, it appears that Daphne, the allegedly dead woman who haunted Kid, was actually alive. Daphne was an alias for Simone, Carlton’s girlfriend, who had a rocky relationship with him. It was actually a cheap tactic on the part of Carlton to scam Kid out of his money. 

Carlton and Simone achieved this by involving an old gangster buddy called Ari Petrakis, who agreed to be a part of this dirty job for the money. As a part of this money extortion scheme, Petrakis disposes of Simone’s presumably “dead” body. However, when Kid strangles Petrakis in the hotel room, Carlton’s plan falls apart. When they dump Petrakis’ body in the dumpster, the police as well as Ari’s brothers, who are thirsty for revenge, get involved, further endangering the brothers. 

Petrified, the duo gets an innocent Gene involved who dies a tragic death at the hands of Ari’s ruthless brothers. While Kid and Carlton celebrate their alleged win, Kid discovers the truth and confronts Carlton, threatening to cut him off forever. However, they are forced to team up one last time against Savvas and Nikos Petrakis who have learnt the true nature of their brother’s death. Kid pulls his hidden gun on them and shoots them dead before having the ultimate showdown with his brother. 

Dejected, the hurt and agony are prominent on Kid’s face as he screams that he never needed to be protected from the rest of the world when the actual problem had always been his older brother, Carlton. In a moment of emotional anguish, he says, “I just needed protection from you.”

Kid emerges as the ultimate hero after he manages to portray his brother as the main suspect in the murder cases. This also boosts his career trajectory in an exponential manner, and he is seen giving a poignant speech in a CNN interview. Here, he secretly references that fateful night when people must reveal their “true selves” when their backs are against the wall in the direst situations. 

True Story is a brilliant seven-episode series that explores the theme of betrayal, violence and revenge very well. Both Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes are phenomenal in their respective roles and add a layer of emotional conflict to their characters while portraying their tumultuous, dysfunctional relationship. 

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