Explaining the ending of James McAvoy’s Netflix hit ‘My Son’
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Explaining the ending of James McAvoy's Netflix hit 'My Son'

Netflix has added the 2021 mystery thriller My Son, the English-language adaptation of the 2017 French flick Mon garçon. It is now at the top of the charts.

A compelling 95-minute flick, it was directed by Christian Carion, who also helmed the original. It follows the estranged father Edmond Murray – James McAvoy – returning to Scotland to search for his missing son Ethan with his ex-wife Joan, played by Claire Foy. On the hunt for his son, he soon enters the dark world of paedophile kidnapping rings. 

The film is notable for McAvoy not being supplied with a script or dialogue. He was only provided the knowledge of his character’s backstory, so he improvises throughout the movie.

How does My Son end?

After Edmond saves Ethan from the kidnapping ring, he and Joan are seen standing in their field, watching their son operate a remote-controlled drone. The father says goodbye to his son, promising him he’ll be back, but the equilibrium is shattered when Inspector Roy surprisingly takes him away after calling out to him.

It is made readily apparent that Edmond has been arrested. Roy assures him that the judge will take into account the positive implications of his actions, which have had a tangible impact on society, when being sentenced. 

Why was Edmond arrested?

It is never revealed precisely why Edmond has been arrested. It could be because of the violence he enacted on the kidnappers. Still, it’s pretty hard to believe that, realistically, this would lead to him being significantly punished, even in real life. 

However, it is implied that Edmond’s job has actually caused him to be detained. Earlier in the movie, he reveals during a police interview that he works in the oil industry and travels to dangerous locations such as Iraq and Libya. After this interview, he is informed by a phone call that the police have raided his office and taken files. 

This information, as well as him being hesitant to give his phone to the police, heavily suggests that Edmond’s line of work is shady. However, it is never confirmed, leaving more mystery. 

My Son is now available to stream on Netflix in the UK.