James McAvoy improvises his way to the top of Netflix with ‘My Son’
(Credit: Netflix)

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James McAvoy improvises his way to the top of Netflix with 'My Son'

​​In a craft where scripts reign supreme and actors meticulously craft their performances around predetermined lines, Christian Carion dared to defy the norm. With nothing but the knowledge of his character’s backstory, James McAvoy was thrust on a thrilling journey of improvisation that has ultimately propelled this mystery thriller to the top of Netflix in the UK.

Directed and written by Carion, My Son has claimed the coveted top spot on Netflix from February 19th to 25th, 2024. The film, an English-language remake of Carion’s 2017 French Mon garçon, boasts a cast led by the dynamic duo of McAvoy and Claire Foy.

As My Son unfolds, McAvoy’s character, a guilt-ridden absentee father, sets on a quest to uncover the truth behind his son’s mysterious disappearance. It eventually leads to a gripping showdown where chilling secrets involving human trafficking are unearthed. 

However, what sets My Son apart is Carion behaving like a wreckless filmmaker and asking McAvoy to take a rather unconventional approach to his role. 

In an interview with Screenrant, the Scottish actor shed light on his unique experience, stating, “Well, I had no lines to learn, so it was great. I mean, you got to turn up every day and be open and be vulnerable and be willing to make mistakes. And that was easy, you just brought yourself every single day.” 

Embracing spontaneity, James McAvoy mentioned, “I probably prefer working with the script, but…There’s something kind of freeing and pretty easy, and just being in a band about that.” He further explained the joys of this free-wheeling approach, “It’s pretty much, choose your own adventure the whole time.”

However, this experimental approach has been noted to be the undoing of the film by some critics. Nonetheless, you can check out My Son on Netflix, but catch the trailer here first.