Everything we know about the new Wes Anderson Netflix film
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Everything we know about the new Wes Anderson Netflix film

Seven-time Oscar nominee and acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson is confirmed to write and direct the latest Roald Dahl adaptation for Netflix, titled The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

Celebrated for his quirky and idiosyncratic style, the auteur leads his audience on a surreal journey amidst bursts of colour and vibrancy. A master of slow-mo, The French Dispatch filmmaker, is known for mesmerising his audience with dream-like and lucid shots. 

Having adapted Dahl’s short story into the Oscar-nominated animated film The Fantastic Mr. Fox, this film will mark Anderson’s second tryst with the acclaimed author’s stories. Although Netflix has not announced a release date, a 2023 release has been predicted. 

While Netflix is yet to confirm the official details regarding the film, here is everything we know about the upcoming Wes Anderson Netflix film:

Everything we know about the new Wes Anderson Netflix film

What is the plot of the film? 

The film will be based on acclaimed children’s author Roald Dahl’s eponymous 1982 short story collection titled The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More. Out of the seven short stories, the title story is based on the titular Henry Sugar, a gambler who can see even with his eyes closed. He chances upon and then steals a book that gives him an insight into the future that marks the beginning of various misadventures in his life where he even gets involved with the Mafia and creates new identities. 

The other stories include The Boy Who Talked With Animals that sees a boy and a common sea turtle forging an unusual friendship due to their similarities. In The Hitchhiker, a professional pickpocket becomes a good friend, while The Swan talks about two bullies, Ernie and Raymond, who pick on Peter Watson. While The Mildenhall Treasure focuses on a magical tale of losing opportunities and finding fortune, the other two non-fictional tales, namely A Piece of Cake and Lucky Break, focus on nuggets of information from Dahl’s experience. 

However, it  is yet to be disclosed whether he will be releasing a collection of the narratives within an omnibus film or simply focus on the titular story.

Who are cast members? 

Benedict Cumberbatch, fresh off his The Power of the Dog success, will be seen as the titular protagonist as well as some other characters that will serve as the joining link between all the stories if it is an omnibus film. Cumberbatch was also seen in the 2022 film Spider-Man: No Way Home and will be seen reprising his role as the wizened Doctor Strange in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Ralph Fiennes is no stranger to Anderson’s work, having worked with him in The Grand Budapest Hotel. He shall be seen reuniting with Anderson on this film, alongside acclaimed actors Ben Kingsley and Dev Patel. The rest of the cast is yet to be announced.

When will production begin, and when will it release? 

The film will commence production in the United Kingdom towards the end of January 2022, which would indicate an early to mid-2023 release. 

What project is this film a part of? 

Recently, the Dahl family signed a staggering deal of £370m with Netflix to hand over the novelist’s catalogue rights to the streaming giant. The streamer is already adapting Matilda while Timothee Chalamet is set to play the younger version of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Netflix has thus earned the rights to the novelist’s catalogue and will be seen creating hordes of Original content to take the viewers on a mystical journey of adventures and imagination.