Everything we know about the Netflix series ‘Archive 81’
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Everything we know about the Netflix series 'Archive 81'

With various new Netflix Original series and films heading our way in 2022, Archive 81 is Netflix’s newest project that is set to debut tomorrow. Already captivated by the riveting and compelling trailer, the upcoming supernatural series has already predicted an ominous premise as it will record how obsession takes over an archivist who tries to get to the bottom of a tragic mystery. 

Helmed by Rebecca Sonnenshine, the screenplay is written by Paul Harris Boardman, famous for The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Horror aficionados will be delighted to know that James Wan, the creator of The Conjuring universe, Insidious, Annabelle and more, is serving as executive producer on the show.

The original podcast creators Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell are also involved with the series development. 

Sonnenshine recently opened up about how they wanted to provide a “new twist” to the genre, “while keeping a dark, deeply emotional romance as its core”. She added, “I’m excited to take Netflix viewers on a terrifying and visually thrilling adventure.”

Ahead of its release, here is everything we know about the Netflix series Archive 81

Everything we know about the Netflix series ‘Archive 81’

When will Archive 81 premiere on Netflix? 

All the episodes of Archive 81 will debut on Netflix on Friday, January 14th, 2022. 

What is the plot of Archive 81

Archive 81 is loosely inspired by a titular fictional 2018 podcast that recorded three seasons of psychological horror stories. The series revolves around an archivist named Dan Turner who must restore damaged tapes back from 1994. 

In this endeavour, he finds himself putting together the work of a filmmaker named Melody Pendras as she investigates a sinister cult at the Visser apartment. 

This ignites in the archivist to find more about the filmmaker’s fatalistic ending and he slowly begins to grow obsessed with the idea that he can save her from the terrifying fate she met with, more than two decades back. 

How many episodes will Archive 81 have?

Archive 81 is set to have eight hour-long episodes. Since the podcast it is based on had three seasons, we can only hope for the series to be renewed for more seasons if it is as successful on Netflix. 

Who are the cast members of Archive 81?

Netflix’s Archive 81 has a diverse set of cast members. They are: 

  • Mamadou Athie as Dan Turner
  • Dina Shibabi as Melody Pendras 
  • Martin Donovan as Virgil 
  • Matt McGorry as Mark 
  • Jilua Chan as Anabelle 
  • Evan Jonigkeit as Samuel 
  • Ariana Neal as Jess

Where did the production for Archive 81 take place?

Archive 81 began production in Pittsburgh in the United States in November 2020. Filming took place in various locations, including Marshall Township, Allegheny County and the Downtown area of the city. Filming reportedly concluded in March 2021.