Everything we know about ‘Riverdale’ Season 6
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Everything we know about 'Riverdale' Season 6

After a long run of five seasons, fans have only one thing to say about the intense show’s season 6 plot: insane. Riverdale managed to develop a shadow storyline underlying its broader narrative successfully is challenging yet fun to watch. We, as spectators, notice more of a lateral broadening than a vertical development of the plot while making massive leaps. Unlike the previous seasons, we see how the whole gang decides to unite and work together with the help of each of their talents and embark on an absolutely crazy journey to save their town. 

After the five-episode special event, the show has returned to finish what it started. The man of the hour is Jughead (Cole Sprouse), who helps Archie and the others unite and return to where they belong. The spirits are high, blood is pumping, and this group of charged teenagers are ready to face anything that comes their way to save their own town. Studded with a passion for new friendships, steamy relationships are being tested every step of the way. We see villains spewing out of every crack, get ready to let this season blow your mind, especially if you are a purist. 

Although this series took a different turn than the classic Archie comics, this also helped the show open multiple possibilities that it might take turns in. This season’s 22 episodes have hidden guest stars like Chris O’Shea (You) as the Percival Pickens, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s Kiernan Shipka repeated her role as Sabrina Spellman for one of the most iconic crossovers within the first half of the season.

Here is when I will warn you about disclaimers. Because I am about to get deeper into exploring the riveting plot of season 6: this season decides to pick up right where the last one left, with Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Archie (KJ Apa) repeating their vows of love and deciding to give their relationship another chance whilst a bomb is about to explode under their bed. Strangely enough, the scene flips to both of them waking up in Riverdale, however, a much darker version of it. Filled with ghosts, demons, witches, and everything dark this town is pushing the core group to find their home back while they still can in a different universe. 

On the contrary, the second half of the season takes us back to the vintage aesthetic assets within the original setting of the town, Riverdale, “the town with pep”. Hiram Lodge is banished, and the explosion affects the characters in their own ways. All through this, Cheryl has been possessed by the spirit of her ancestor Abigail. To make the plot even more interesting, Percival Pickens showed up to definitely stir up more trouble. The fandom awaits the next season anxiously as it is also set to be the series’ final season as it becomes increasingly harder to predict what’s coming next with the series’ ever-changing and dynamic plot.