Everything we know about Netflix’s new series ‘Hellbound’
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Everything we know about Netflix’s new series 'Hellbound'

Following the success of Squid Game and My Name, riding on its South Korean pop-cultural high, Netflix is adding a lot of content from South Korea that has amassed a massive global audience. Recently, they released the trailer for the upcoming supernatural horror series Hellbound, helmed by the acclaimed Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho. 

Sang-Ho has collaborated with Netflix on various projects before and after his widely acclaimed film, which saw a father’s relentless pursuit to shield his daughter from adversities amidst a raging zombie apocalypse, contributed to his unfathomable fame — the Korean filmmaker also made Psychokinesis for the streamer. This project marks his second collaboration with Netflix. 

The series has been adapted from the popular Korean webtoon Songgot. The illustrator Choi Gyu-Seok is working in close collaboration with the director to produce the finest creative interpretation. 

Ahead of the film’s release, here is everything that we know about Netflix’s Hellbound:

Everything we know about Netflix’s new seriesHellbound 

When will Hellbound release on Netflix? 

Hellbound is slated for a November 19, 2021 release, according to TUDUM, a global Netflix event. 

Hellbound made its premiere in October 2021 at the 26th Busan International Film Festival. It has also been invited to be a part of the LFF series thrill section at the 65th BFI London Film Festival. 

It is also the first-ever Korean drama to have debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September. 

What is the plot for Netflix’s Hellbound?

Based on the webtoon, the horror series will show how people are randomly condemned to hell by a mysterious sect of supernatural creatures who appear out of thin air. While people are left to ponder whether it is an act of good or evil, a religious cult, headed by Jung Jin-Soo, interprets it to be a divine blessing.  

Broadcast journalist Bae Jung-Jae and lawyer Min Hey-Jin team up to uncover the truth behind these strange occurrences while also trying to find out the stories of the people who must fight to survive amidst such brutalities and chaotic frenzy.

It will be a scathing commentary on sins and morality as well as the lack of shame and remorse that trigger such incidents. It will also provide an insight into the paranoia and anxiety that a nation faces in the wake of such unprecedented threats.  

Who are the cast members on Netflix’s Hellbound?

After the popular K-Drama Chicago Typewriter left Netflix, fans were quite sad. They will be excited to know that Yoo Ah-In from the K-Drama is making a return to a television show after a four-year hiatus in the main role on this horror series.

He was last seen in the 2020 South Korean zombie film #Alive that garnered him a massive fanbase. He will be joined by an ensemble cast. 

The cast members include the following: 

  • Yoo Ah-in as Jung Jin-Soo
  • Park Jung-min as Bae Jung-Jae
  • Kim Hyun-Joo as Min Hye-Jin
  • Won Jin-Ah as Song So-Hyun
  • Kim Do-Yoonas a part of Hwasalchok
  • Kim Shin-Rokas Park Jung-Ja
  • Ryu Kyung-Soo as Yoo Ji
  • Im Hyun-Kook as Hyung Jun-Gong 
  • Lee Re as Jin Hee-Jung
  • Yang Ik-Jun as Jin Kyung-Hoon

Where did the production for Netflix’s Hellbound take place?

The horror series was filmed in Iksan in South Korea. It began on September 23, 2020, following the Covid-19 protocols and ended in January this year. 

After releasing the trailer, it has already garnered a lot of buzz and anticipation that has caught fan attention due to its riveting premise. 

Check out the trailer below: