Everything we know about erotic thriller ‘Fair Play’
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Everything we know about erotic thriller ‘Fair Play’

Chloe Domont’s erotic thriller Fair Play generated a significant buzz after its premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. The film is all set for a Netflix release after a theatrical one later this month.

According to certain reports, Netflix acquired the distribution rights for Fair Play for a whopping $20million. A lengthy bidding war between multiple production companies saw the streaming giant emerge as the winner.

Fair Play explores the complexities of power dynamics in relationships in a post-MeToo world. With a talented cast led by Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich, this film promises to be a gripping story that explores the intersection of love and ambition within a high-stakes work environment.

Fair Play opened to rave reviews, and it should be on your watchlist. And if you want to know more about the film, read on!

What is Fair Play about?

At the heart of Fair Play is the forbidden romance between Emily (played by Dynevor) and Luke (played by Ehrenreich), two financial analysts employed by the same hedge-fund firm. Their engagement takes a tumultuous turn when Emily is unexpectedly promoted, upsetting the balance of power in their relationship. 

Domont draws inspiration from her own experiences, using the narrative to confront issues of gender inequality and the challenges of maintaining a relationship within a competitive career setting. As Emily and Luke navigate their evolving roles, the film questions the sacrifices individuals are willing to make for their personal and professional ambitions.

In an interaction with Netflix’s TUDUM, Domont shared, “It was a story that was burning inside of me and a story I couldn’t not tell.”

“I wanted to reckon with some unresolved feelings I had in the past, specifically dating men who I felt were threatened by either my ambition or any little bits of accomplishments,” the director explained.“These dynamics should no longer be normalised.”

Who is in the cast of Fair Play?

Fair Play boasts a talented ensemble cast that brings the characters to life. Phoebe Dynevor, best known for her role in runaway Netflix hit Bridgerton, takes on the role of Emily, while Alden Ehrenreich portrays Luke.

The supporting cast includes Eddie Marsan, Sebastian De Souza, Rich Sommer, Sia Alipour, Geraldine Somerville, and Patrick Fischler.

When is Fair Play releasing?

Following its successful premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, Fair Play is slated for a limited theatrical release in select theatres on September 29, 2023. It will make its international debut at the 48th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This theatrical run is a departure from Netflix’s usual release strategy.

Subsequently, the film will make its global debut on Netflix on October 13th, 2023.

Is there a trailer for Fair Play?

Yes, Netflix has released two trailers for the upcoming Fair Play. You can catch them here: