Discover every song featured in the new series ‘Beef’
(Credit: Netflix)


Discover every song featured in the new series 'Beef'

Lee Sung Jin’s new series, BEEF, starring Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, has already found immense popularity, despite only debuting on Netflix on April 6th, 2023. 

The comedy-drama thriller has already found a place in Netflix’s top 10 list for their most-watched shows this week, raking in 34,080,000 watched hours in the span of three days. The series, which consists of ten episodes, follows the pair as they deal with a road rage incident that consumes them.

Midsommar composer Bobby Krlic, known as The Haxan Cloak, composed the score, although the series also features plenty of music from the 1990s and early 2000s. 

Find a complete list of every song featured in each episode below.

Every song featured in Beef:

Episode 1

  • ‘Liquid Dreams’ – O-Town
  • ‘The Reason’ – Hoobastank

Episode 2

  • ‘Shine’ – Collective Soul
  • ‘Same Squad’ – P-Lo
  • ‘Cornflake Girl’ – Tori Amos

Episode 3

  • ‘O Come To The Altar’ – Steven Yeun and cast (originally by Elevation Worship)
  • ‘Drive’ – Incubus

Episode 4

  • ‘Fly’ – Sugar Ray
  • ‘Nookie’ – Limp Bizkit
  • ‘Cure For Pain’ – Morphine
  • ‘Self Esteem’ – The Offspring

Episode 5

  • ‘Natural One’ – Shearwater
  • ‘Lonely Day’ – System Of A Down

Episode 6

  • ‘Raise A Hallelujah’ – Steven Yeun and cast (originally by Bethel Music)
  • ‘I Don’t Want To Wait’ – Paula Cole
  • ‘Genie In A Bottle’ – Christina Aguilera
  • ‘Machinehead’ – Bush

Episode 7

  • ‘Amazing Grace’ – Steven Yeun and cast
  • ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ – Keane

Episode 8

  • ‘Mockingbirds’ – Grant Lee Buffalo

Episode 9

  • ‘Jinx’ – Tad
  • ‘All Is Full Of Love’ – Björk

Episode 10

  • ‘Mayonaise’ – The Smashing Pumpkins