Explaining the ending of Netflix’s ‘Beef’
(Credit: Netflix)


Explaining the ending of Netflix's ‘Beef’

If you’ve just finished Netflix’s latest binge-worthy drama, Beef, you might be wondering what exactly you just experienced, so we’re here to give you the full breakdown.  

The series stars Steven Yeun as Danny and Ali Wong as Amy, two characters who let a road rage incident consume their lives and influence their everyday thoughts and actions. This gets significantly crazier when the pair drive off the road and into the wilderness, with Amy taking Danny hostage with a gun in the hopes that he might take responsibility for his actions.

The power shifts, however, when Amy is attacked by birds, giving Danny the chance to escape her grasp in the process. Still, they remain in the wilderness and at each other’s throats, and although they attempt to call a truce, a fight soon breaks out once more. It isn’t until the pair eat some hallucinatory berries by mistake, which helps them to open up to each other.

Coming round after their trip, the pair see the errors of their ways and begin to make things right, until Amy shoots Danny, however, and the latter is taken to hospital. Realising that they both made them confront and embrace the worst part of their own identity, the pair become an unlikely couple by the end, with Amy lying next to Danny as the series comes to a close.

Available on Netflix right now, Beef is a heartwarming and pertinent tale of human connection. Take a look at the trailer below.