Every film and series coming to Netflix this week: July 2023
(Credit: Netflix)

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Every film and series coming to Netflix this week: July 2023

As we delve into the second week of July 2023, Netflix is set to release many new series, films, and documentaries to the platform, along with licensing older favourites.

Starting off the week on July 10th, families can look forward to the arrival of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. This delightful animated adventure brings to life the beloved children’s book series. Unknown: Killer Robots is also making its debut this week, a compelling documentary that explores the rise of artificial intelligence in military tech and its potential implications for society. 

For fans of the educational and entertaining StoryBots franchise, the second season of StoryBots: Answer Time is set to ignite young minds with its imaginative and interactive format.

The subsequent days continue the streaming extravaganza, showcasing an array of genres and themes, from the reality series Nineteen to Twenty and the action-packed Polish film Mr. Car and the Knights Templar to the documentary Quarterback. Anime enthusiasts can also anticipate the release of more episodes from Record of Ragnarok. At the same time, reality TV lovers can indulge in the competitive baking experience of Sugar Rush: The Baking Point.

As the week progresses, Netflix keeps the excitement rolling with new additions such as Bird Box Barcelona, a thrilling film that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Comedy enthusiasts can rejoice with Survival of the Thickest, and the popular reality series Too Hot to Handle returns for its fifth season.

Of course, there are more new things in store this week.

What’s coming to Netflix this week?

July 10th

  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, 2017 (Family)
  • Unknown: Killer Robots (Season 1), 2023 (Documentary)
  • StoryBots: Answer Time (Season 2), 2023 (Family)

July 11th

  • Nineteen to Twenty (Season 1), 2023 (Reality)

July 12th

  • Mr. Car and the Knights Templar, 2023 (Action)
  • Quarterback (Season 1), 2023 (Documentary)
  • Record of Ragnarok (Season 2, Episodes 11-15), 2023 (Anime)
  • Sugar Rush: The Baking Point (Season 1), 2023 (Reality)

July 13th

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, 2022 (Family)
  • Burn the House Down (Season 1), 2023 (Drama)
  • Devil’s Advocate (Season 1), 2023 (Drama)
  • Sonic Prime (Season 2), 2023 (Family)
  • Survival of the Thickest (Season 1), 2023 (Comedy)

July 14th

  • Bird Box Barcelona, 2023 (Thriller)
  • Love Tactics 2, 2023 (Comedy)
  • The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem (Season 2), 2023 (Drama)
  • Five Star Chef (Season 1), 2023 (Reality)
  • Too Hot to Handle (Season 5), 2023 (Reality)

July 15th

  • Country Queen (Season 2), 2023 (Drama)
  • Morphie 3D (Season 1), 2023 (Family)
  • My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale (Season 1), 2022 (Family)

July 16th

  • Ride Along, 2014 (Action)