Emma Myers warns ‘Wednesday’ fans about obsessive behaviour
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Emma Myers warns ‘Wednesday’ fans about obsessive behaviour

Emma Myers, the star behind Enid Sinclair in Tim Burton’s Netflix drama Wednesday, has spoken out against the activity of some obsessive fans. Specifically, she has noticed some fans trying to manifest romantic links between actors that don’t exist. 

The phrase Myers used is “to ‘ship,” which is when fans of a particular movie or series “wishfully regard specific people of fictional characters as being or having the potential to become romantically involved with one another.” 

According to Myers, fans of Wednesday have tried to ‘ship the relationship between Jenna Ortega’s titular character and Enid Sinclair. Though there is no evidence in the plot, fans are imagining a more romantic side to the characters’ bond. 

Myers has no problem with fans who project these ideas onto the characters. However, she draws the line when it comes to these associations bleeding into reality, affecting the lives of the actors themselves. “I’ve grown up as a big fan of things, so I know how the ‘shipping goes online, so I understand,” she told the NME in a recent conversation. “’Ship who you want as long as you’re not dragging real-life people into it.”

Continuing, the 22-year-old actor revealed that she made similar interpretations while filming with Ortega. “If you want to ‘ship those characters, go for it,” she added. “We made a couple of jokes about it here and there when filming, but we didn’t think that side of the fandom would be so big and intense. But it’s all in good fun.”

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