Emma Mackey’s favourite Maeve moments from ‘Sex Education’
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Emma Mackey’s favourite Maeve moments from ‘Sex Education’

Created by Laurie Nunn, Sex Education is about to wrap up its story with the upcoming fourth and final season.

Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve Wiley, is one of the many faces who will be missed by fans of the show. Mackey brings a quiet resilience and easy charm to the character of Maeve Wiley in the British teen comedy.

By the end of season three, we know Maeve was headed to the other side of the Atlantic, leaving plenty unspoken between her and Otis (Asa Butterfield). Fans also look forward to seeing how Maeve’s friendship with Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood) and her relationship with her family evolve as she takes big leaps towards a bright future. And this might be a good time to look back on some of Mackey’s favourite Maeve moments. 

While speaking with Buzzfeed, Mackey mentioned how she is proud of scenes that saw Maeve grow through her various relationships. “I love the scenes that Aimee and I have together. They’re always sort of in front of my mind.” Later, she continued, “They kind of elevate each other and are just there for each other and are able to coexist with one another even though they’re completely different. I think that’s really key to Maeve’s person and existence. How Maeve interacts and operates with people and learns from them is something I love.”

Mackey also doled out high praise for Bad Sisters star Anne-Marie Duff, “I also love the scenes with Maeve’s mum, with Erin. They mean a lot to me. I just love and admire Anne-Marie Duff so much, so anytime I get to work with her is a real treat. She teaches me a lot and she’s a really good guide to have on set. She’s a good woman to look up to and a good human.”

Of course, Mackey also mentioned an adorable scene she had shared with Butterfield in season one, “I really love the scene in season one when he gives her his jumper. For some reason, that little moment on the bridge is one of my favourites. I was like, ‘Oh, man.’ It’s a real heart-warmer. I love that one. It has an innocence to it, which I quite like.”

Even though Rakhee Thakrar’s Emily Sands, Maeve’s English teacher at Moordale, won’t be a big part of season four, their moments together will remain special. Mackey reminisced about the most pivotal moment between her and Ms. Sands, “One moment I think about is the 10-years-time essay, because not only is it a big moment but also, like you said, Maeve’s interactions with Ms. Sands are important to her in all three seasons. Ms. Sands bolsters Maeve and gives her permission to fully embrace her mind, you know? Ms. Sands allows that space for Maeve, which I think is so important. It’s really moving to see that relationship.”

And like us, Emma Mackey would also want a few more scenes of Maeve and Eric together, “I mean Ncuti [Gatwa] and I have said this among ourselves in our own lives, like, “Why don’t we have more scenes together?” I would love for Maeve to have every scene with Eric just because I think Ncuti’s brilliant and so good at what he does. It’s a joy to watch him work, and also he’s my best mate. I love him.”

While we await Sex Education season four to arrive on Netflix on September 21st, you can revisit the first three seasons.