Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Ballers’ coming to Netflix in August
(Credit: HBO)

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Dwayne Johnson's 'Ballers' coming to Netflix in August

The popular HBO series Ballers, starring Dwayne Johnson, is set to grace Netflix‘s roster. All seasons will debut on August 15th, 2023, in the United States and select regions globally.

Ballers, created by Stephen Levinson, aired for five seasons on HBO from 2015 to 2019 and presented an exciting glimpse into the world of professional sports. Exploring the lives of athletes, agents, and financial managers, Levinson’s show shone a light on the very fabric of the industry.

Led by Johnson, the series boasts a star-studded cast featuring Rob Corddry, John David Washington, Omar Miller, Donovan W. Carter, Troy Garity and London Brown.

The series’ transition to Netflix is part of a new licensing agreement that the streaming platform secured with Warner Bros Discovery earlier this summer. It should partly make up for the lack of content caused by the ongoing WGA/SAG strikes.

This unprecedented deal has paved the way for HBO shows to appear on Netflix for the first time, with only a few documentary exceptions in the past. This shift comes amidst Warner Bros. Discovery’s efforts to boost its cash flow during an uncertain period in Hollywood.

All five seasons of Ballers, totalling 47 episodes, are anticipated to land on Netflix in the United States on the stipulated date. Netflix viewers in Brazil and The Netherlands can also await the series’ arrival.

However, the series’ release dates may vary for other regions. Specifically, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are currently not showing a date or page for Ballers, indicating potential delays in these areas. Watch the trailer below.